How To Help Your Husband Take Control Of His Hair Loss

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If your husband is facing hair loss, it might be apparent to you that it’s getting him down. Perhaps he is anxious or depressed about it, or he might be avoiding activities that he once enjoyed or felt comfortable partaking in. Avoidant behaviour and a chronically negative mood are both bad signs for a man’s mental health, yet so many men seem to be uncomfortable discussing their feelings with their wives.

Many women take aging in their stride. They may not be at all happy with the idea of getting older, but the knowledge that there are partial solutions to all of aging’s downsides, and the ability to talk things over with friends, actually gives women a strength that men sometimes don’t have access to. Men can be super sensitive about their hair loss, which a woman might see as no big deal. While both sexes don’t tend to enjoy the aging process, men can sometimes take it very personally, especially as they may have spent a great deal of their life not really considering that they’re getting older. Now that fact is staring at them from the mirror on a daily basis, they might be having a tough time coming to terms with it.

The best way to deal with any problem, is to begin to take action, so that you no longer feel helpless. If your husband seems to be taking his hair loss badly, he might not have bothered to research methods of dealing with it. Chances are he probably won’t have talked to the doctor about his low mood either, if the statistics on male mental health are anything to go by.

It can be difficult to know how to open up the conversation with a man, about a topic that he is sensitive about. It may take more than one attempt, but honesty and kindness are the best ways forward. Let your man know that you still find him attractive and manly, and that you are coping with aging too. He needs to understand that he has choices, and that he’s able to take action. From drugs and over the counter medications to a full hair transplant (often at a greatly reduced price to those undergone by celebrities in newspapers), there are a range of options available to him, and support for his mental health. Simply letting your husband know that you take his feelings on the subject serious and that you intend to help him rather than laugh at him, is enough to get him to lighten up a bit!

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    Thanks for this valuable post. I was searching for such post from longtime for my husband hair loss problem. There is lot of dandruff in his hair. Suggest some ideas for dandruff removal. Please keep sharing more posts

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