How to Heal a Black Eye

black eye

It may be caused by some extreme sport that you’re so into or maybe you’re just a mere klutz, but getting a black eye can certainly be a hassle. Not just because it is painful, you also get non-stop asking from people around you of how you got it. Thank heavens for the different researches done in the past decades because way back, the only way to cure a black eye fast is to stick a leech on the affected eye to suck the blood away.

Black eye is the result of an internal bleeding on the eye area caused by a blow or trauma. To speed up the treatment, here are doctor-advised tips in healing a black eye and minimizing the discomfort brought by it.

Put cold compress on your black eye for the first 24 hours. Use ice packs or wrap an ice on a cloth. Never apply the ice directly to the skin as this may cause more injury. Do this every 10 minutes and take short breaks. Cold temperature will keep it from swelling. This will help constrict the blood vessels and limit internal bleeding which causes it color. The color may be black, blue or purple depending on the severity of the injury.

After 48 hours, apply warm temperature on the area by using a cloth dipped in warm water or you may use heating pads. Do this for 10-20 minutes every hour. This will enable your body to absorb excess blood around the tissues on the affected area.

Take a good rest. Elevate your head by using at least two pillows. This prevents your eyelids to swell.

Eat vitamin C-rich foods or take vitamin C tablets. This will greatly help on the healing process.

To cure the bruises, apply creams with vitamin K to make it fade faster.

Blowing your nose could cause inflammation so try not to do this often.

If you experience the following symptoms, consult the doctor immediately because it may be a more serious injury: loss of sight, hematoma, blurred, fuzzy or double vision, blood flowing on the nose, clear fluid secretion on the nose, bruises and cuts on the eye, blood on the eye, chronic headaches, fainting, extreme dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

If you happen to observe that your eyelid has lacerations, visit the doctor because it may need sutures.

Ask prescription from a physician. They might suggest taking medications such as Tylenol, acetaminophen or ibuprofen but it is safer to ask for their medical advice. Taking aspirin is not advisable because it prevent clotting of the blood which will cause the discoloration to get worse.

When you go out, wear sunglasses to avoid straining your eyes.

Expect the black eye to heal within weeks. You can’t cure it in just days. Your eyelid may be hard to open because blood on your eyes and cheeks may be drained. Other affected parts may include the eyeball, eye muscles and the bones.

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