How to Have Soft, Shiny Hair: Economical Tips for Hair Shampooing and Conditioning


Who doesn’t want soft shiny hair? But too often you can get duped into paying a lot of money for expensive hair conditioning products which really don’t make your hair that softer or shinier. Here are some tips for conditioning your hair without hurting your budget.


  • You need to brush your hair (preferably with a bristle brush) at least every day. Besides removing dust and grime, brushing also helps distribute the natural oils that you hair needs. For best results, use a boar bristle brush. Made with all natural bristles, a boar bristle brush is better for your hair. Because it’s not made with synthetic materials, it helps to dispense natural oils throughout your hair. If you don’t use a board bristle brush, don’t brush wet hair.
  • For fine hair, use a smaller brush than you would on longer hair. Bristles should not be close together, but be more open. This cuts down on the amount of heat that penetrates your hair.
  • Always use a clean brush. Thoroughly wash used brushes in a shampoo and water solution. Clean with another bristle brush, using criss-cross strokes.

Shampooing Tips

  • Before shampooing, brush out any snags and tangles, reducing the stress on your hair. You don’t want to brush your hair once it’s wet (unless you have a boar bristle brush).
  • Wash hair in cold water – Just the suggestion of washing your hair in cold water may send a chill up your spine, but washing your hair in hot water is damaging. You probably know that heat is bad for your hair and causes split ends. Heat also takes away any natural oil. If you still have doubts, ask someone with beautiful shiny hair. Chances are they wash their hair in colder temperatures.

Conditioning Tips

Besides washing your hair with cold water, also rinse out your conditioner with cold water. While hot water takes away the conditioner, cold water locks the conditioner into your hair, close to the follicles. This results in shiny hair which makes heads turn. Let the conditioner stay in your hair at least five minutes before washing it out. If you don’t give it time to do its job, your hair won’t look like it’s even been conditioned. Also remember, if you have an oily mane, choosing the best conditioner for oily hair is a must.

Hair Styling Tips

Rather than using heated styling tools like straighteners and curling irons, use thermal styling products, which come in many forms. Sprays, gels, and hair masques are a few examples. Read the labels on a product, making sure that the product you select is compatible with your type of hair. Gels and conditioners are good for hair that gets blow-dried a lot.

Ask your hair stylists which products are best suited for your type of hair. You don’t have to purchase your hair products at a beauty shop, as they’re probably pricier there. If you know the name of the product you can buy it at a beauty supply store.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with new hair styles. If you’re sporting the same hair style that you had in college, it’s probably time to make a big change. However, have an idea of what you want to have done. Before going to your hair stylist, have several pictures of your new hairdo to show to her. You can find them in magazines or by simply doing a Google search. Your hair stylist can make suggestions as to why or why not a particular style would agree or not agree with you. Sometimes just getting a new haircut adds to the vibrancy of your hair, giving it bounce and shine.


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