How to Get Your Wife Happy With a Morning Snack Platter ?


If you’re opting for a better and healthier lifestyle, let me introduce you then a secret weapon for healthy snacking – the snack platter. This idea is perfect to impress your guests, kids, friends, and family during any special occasions like parties, family gatherings, picnics, or even for simple breakfast in bed.

In short, it is just a collection of regular healthy food that is nicely arranged and branded to make it more “extra” and special than the regular snack. In this article, let’s tackle how this mix of healthy snacks on a platter could affect our health, how to prepare it – or simply, everything you need to know.

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Useful tips for perfect platter

Perfect, meaning healthy and rustic to help you to achieve the best and perfect platter for any occasions like parties, family gatherings, or any special occasions.

Use an appropriately sized board or platter

In order to make a perfectly presented platter snack, you’ll need to choose the best and appropriately sized platter or board. In this way, the food will appear to be more luscious and fuller. For example, even if the food items are in a small amount, let’s say one cheese, a dip, two kinds of crackers, and some healthy fruits –assembling them on a right-sized dinner plate will surely catch your guest’s eyes.

Begin with larger food items to fill the spaces

The first thing you’d want to do to make a perfect platter is to place larger food items around the plate or board first. Items like cheeses, a bowl of dip, and any bunch of fruit should be placed first. After doing that, you may start to fill in the spaces with medium food items such as charcuterie, dried fruit, crackers, and so on.

Finally, after putting everything in place, you can proceed to smaller food items such as berries, herbs, nuts, chocolates, and small vegetables. In this way, it will make the perfect platter more colorful and create layers of texture. Placing the larger food items first before the medium and small ones will create a sense of abundance and balance – which makes the perfect platter more presentable.

Put some little dishes

Making a perfect platter isn’t going to be “perfect” without items like dips, olives, sauces, or oil poured into small containers or bowls. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with putting few dishes at the side of the platter. In fact, this would create more visual interest and expands the food offering without the use of the coffee table.

However, always make sure that the side dishes are not placed on the main platter board. Instead, opt for plastic containers that are widely available in the store.

Add more texture and color

As they say, it’s all about the presentation that makes a perfect platter special. Typically, if you’re adding monochromatic food items in your platter, let’s say, white chess or crackers make sure that you balance its texture and color. You can do this by adding a variety of color and texture such as placing fruits, tan or brown cakes, or any food items that create interest on the board.

For example, if you’re creating a cheese platter, you might need to start with a long and big triangle of cheese. You should then look for any crackers or biscuits that will create layers of texture to the board. However, if you want to put your perfect snack platter to the next level, as mentioned earlier, adding dips of all sorts such as fresh fruits, olives, pickles, antipasto veggies, bite-sized vegetables, or charcuterie will surely create a colorful and well-presented bunch of healthy foods.

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Match the flavors

Of course, one important thing to consider creating perfect snack platter is mixing and matching all the flavors of the food items on the board. To make your platter standout, you can combine complimentary or opposite flavors. For example, creamy and spicy, sweet and savory, mild and strong – anything that creates a balance that will surely keep your guests come back for more – again and again.


Creating or preparing a snack platter could be your first step for a healthier lifestyle as it promotes proper diet decisions and tons of health benefits from the food included on the platter. So, are you ready to create your own perfect platter?

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