How To Get Started With Your First Vaping Experience


Vaping is when an individual inhales vapors produced using an e-cigarette or more commonly known as a vape. Vape is said to be almost 95% safer than cigarettes or tobacco. It is a prevalent option for people who are looking to quit smoking.

However, for a beginner, the world of vaping may seem either too complicated or perplexing. With a market filled with countless options and varieties of devices, mods, e-juice flavors, it is onerous to keep pace with everything. So, to help you to get started with your first vaping experience, here are a few tips.

Understand what experience you seek

Before starting, you must understand and know what it is that you like about smoking in general. Vaping is an activity that recreates the same impression created during smoking. Also, with the assortment of e-juices available, you can customize to make the taste and experience just the way you want.

Asking questions about nicotine’s concentration, e-juice flavors, and vapor’s volume is essential for any beginner.

Select the right device

Getting the right kit is one of the most important parts of vaping. The equipment you get should sync with your needs and personality for you to get a pleasant experience. The device you get should depend only on the knowledge you are looking for while smoking,

For people seeking nicotine hit, reaching a device with a high resistance heating element is required; people looking for vapor volume, significant powerful tools are needed. Choose the device carefully by looking at what you need.

Selection of E-liquid

Do not spend on cheap liquids from unreliable sources. These liquids may look less to spend on, but they carry issues regarding health. Buying premium liquids from popular and trustworthy brands is necessary.

Making sure you get the right flavor according to your taste is one of the most important parts of vaping. Choose according to your needs as there are many available options in the market. Storing e-liquid in a dark room is recommended to enhance its flavors.

Picking and maintaining E-tanks

E-tank is the part that stores the e-juice and supplies it to the heating element. They should be selected with the utmost care and maintained regularly. Beginners should try to avoid plastic tanks as a lot of flavors, especially acidic, can crack or damage these tanks.

Cleaning your tanks at least once every week is required to prevent dirty buildups, leaks, and vile flavors. To clean, simply rinsing it under running hot water will do the trick.

Checking up on battery connections

While vaping, always make sure you have enough batteries and a good charger available for vaping. Beginners often do not check the e-juice buildup near the parts connecting atomizer with the battery. The grime can cause a loss of connection and also can damage your device.

Hence, make sure you clean your device carefully by unscrewing the battery. Doing this will give you an unhindered vaping experience and your device a longer life.

Get new coils to keep on changing

Coil’s influence your vaping experience directly. A common amateur mistake is to ignore the buildup, which will give you a burnt and lousy taste. Change your coils regularly to avoid this from happening. There are premade coils available in the store, but a lot of people make their own.

To get the best experience, do not forget to change your coils from time to time. Popular coils like smok coils are an excellent choice available in the market.

Try to dodge getting Vaper’s tongue

Experienced and long time vapers often face this issue. If you use one particular flavor for a long time, it can cause loss of taste for that flavor altogether. However, it is not a severe condition that needs medical attention.

The fix for this problem is straightforward, switch into a new flavor for a while, and then switch back. Ideally, it is said to keep experimenting and rotating flavors of e-juices. Moreover, drinking lots of water helps with the Vaper’s tongue.

Takeaway: You don’t need to experience the same thing as others with vaping. Just make sure you read all the tips and guidelines to have a safe and fun experience with vaping.

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