How to get rid of Periodontal Diseases?

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Periodontal diseases are concerned with the diseases of teeth-supporting tissues. Due to periodontal diseases gums get infected by bacteria leading to swollen and bleeding gums. Inflammation of gums is early signs of periodontal diseases. With the progressive course of time the grip between the teeth and its corresponding gums can get optimally loose. It leads to teeth extraction and needs early treatment.

Risk factors optimised due to periodontal diseases

  • Periodontal diseases may cause heart diseases due to clogging of arteries. Moreover, there is an additional risk added as it worsens the already present heart disease.
  • Such diseases can give rise to strokes too due to clogging of arteries.
  • Due to periodontal diseases, a woman undergoing the disease during pregnancy may conceive much earlier. Thus, the pre-maturely delivered infant may be of lesser weight and development than required.
  • Individuals affected by diabetes may find it truly difficult to handle their blood sugar levels.
  • Plaque, which is a thin film of bacteria deposited over tooth, may cause lung infections. Bacteria present in the mouth of an individual, especially in elderly adults may move to the lungs, thus causing pneumonia.

Periodontal diseases can damage your teeth to a great extent. Perio Health Partners are gradually leaving an imprint on people’s mind as a beneficial factor to treat such harmful diseases.

Factors capable of readily accelerating periodontal diseases

  1. Genes can stimulate the occurrence of gum diseases. Though genes can stimulate these ailments but with proper oral care and advises from better dental health professionals, they can be cured. Even individuals with high severity of gum diseases can undergo treatment and come out properly cured.
  2. Smoking is one such activity which acts as a high stimulant for inflammation of gums. Moreover, the duration of smoking can cause the corresponding worsening of tooth supporting tissues. Certain periodontal diseases too exhibit resistant to get treated due to smoking. With regular smoking, the individuals get higher deposits of tarter on their teeth. Tarter refers to plaque which has undergone deposition since a long time. By quitting this harmful habit, people can prevent their gums from getting damaged.
  3. The formation of plaque and tarter has always been influenced by unhealthy brushing or flossing habits. The presence of such materials can cause gum diseases. Proper cleaning of teeth is very essential. Teeth get improperly cleaned due to several factors such as, use of braces or presence of crowded teeth or bridgework. Dental health professionals can show better ways to clean one’s teeth. Even crooked teeth won’t be a cause to worry as orthodontics can fix these issues too.
  4. Habits such as clenching or gritting or grinding of teeth may not be solely responsible to cause periodontal diseases. However, such habits can worsen the already inflamed gums. They can allow periodontal ligament and bone to break down at a faster rate as they exert higher amount of pressure on teeth. To control such habits, the person concerned can get conscious of his activities and relax a bit during that moment. Otherwise, devices such as Occlusal Guards can also be used to reduce the clenching of teeth.

Along with the previously mentioned factors stress can also be an additional factor for worsening of gum problems. Stress can weaken one’s immune system, thus bringing in more chances of getting infected with gum diseases. Due to hormone fluctuations, generally during puberty and pregnancy, periodontal diseases can get severe. Menopause can also cause hormone fluctuations giving rise to periodontal diseases. Similarly, some medicines can cause dry mouth such as, medicines used to cure depression. Therefore, it’s always essential to take care of oral hygiene.

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