How to get rid of moles?

How to get rid of moles? A mole on the body looks unattractive and irritating and most of the people don’t like the presence of moles on the body. If I take a survey, Iam sure about 75 percent of people would not like to have moles on body and the rest 25 percent would be carefree.

Moles are medically known as melanocytic and are mostly in black, brown color. The spots appear on the skin and gets rigid to remove or vanish. Describing the formation of moles, the melanocytes produce pigments on the skin and cells reproduce it and the color of the skin changes to either black or brown and the substance is called melanin.

Depending about the genetics of the skin, the moles commonly appears during the age of 20-30 and they can be of any scientifically shaped. They can be very dark or very light, they can also be flat or smooth or rough or could also form with or without hair. Nothing specific can be mentioned about the moles in the article. They can also be some miracle as moles can also fade or could disappear according to age.

The moles from birth cannot be treated after so many years but some basic and easy home remedies could help to get rid of the unattractive moles. As we know we can make lean too using some basic. However, it is suggested that if you are allergic to any product or if you see that the color and shape of the mole changing, you should advice a dermatologist. Let’s shape our article towards the home remedies to get a clear skin without the unwanted and unattractive moles.

CASTOR OIL: castor oil has the necessary essentials that help you to get rid of moles. The oil goes deep in the skin and removes the warts, skin tags or moles and also further stops the unusual growths of the moles. This home remedy is good to use as there are no scars left and as everyone knows, skin has a layer of tissues and this home remedy takes some time to prove effective as it starts treating the layer by layer surface of the skin slowly and steadily. All you have to do is just take a pinch of baking soda and add few drops of castor oil and slowly take the mix in your hand and rub on the mole for about few minutes and let the mixture be on your skin for few hours basically till it dries for self and then wash off. For better results, try this remedy twice daily for about 30 days.

GARLIC: garlic acts as a natural home remedy in many cases. Garlic contains natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal essentials that helps to reduce the enzymes of the moles and helps to release the pigment causing cells and break the coverage of the skin and also simultaneously helps to fade the color of the pigmentation.

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