How to Get an Allover Sun Tan That Looks Natural

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Getting a sun – kissed glow is considered healthy and sexy. Yes, there are health risks associated with tanning (either natural or artificial) but we’re saving it for special occasions right? Getting the look is quite easy but it’s important to look like you’ve done it completely natural without any undone parts on your body (that’s just not right). Here’s how to get an allover sun tan that looks natural on you and keeping it healthy at the same time.

Why does skin tan?

Basically you’d get suntan from exposing yourself to sun (isn’t that obvious?). As your skin receives UV rays the melanocyte cells produces melanin, a pigment for your skin, which is the reason that causes the darkening of your skin. Hence the more exposure to sun, more melanin production and in turn your skin will get darker.

A good example of an all over tan, that looks natural!

 The effects of sun-tanning

Sun-tanning has different effects depending on your skin type. If you have fair skin then you’re more likely to get burned because of the lack of melanin in your skin and vice versa. Apart from sunburn, there are other health risks from over exposing yourself too much of UV rays such as skin damage and skin cancer called melanoma. The good news is there is other alternative and tips that you can get all over sun tan that still looks natural.


The most natural way to get an all over tan is of course, from the sun itself! Get small amount of sunrays in the morning to bronze your skin. Only do it in the morning because exposing yourself to the rays for the rest of the day can increase the health risks significantly.

Another girl with an all over tan, which looks pretty natural!

DHA – based lotions and moisturizers

Using lotions and moisturizers that contain DHA are the ones that can tan your skin as well as nourishing your skin. DHA is DiHydroxyAcetone, this is the main ingredient to tan your skin. This chemical compound reacts with dead skin cells, causing your skin to ‘browning’ or tanned. Self – tanning products are widely available and in many forms as your convenient without hitting the pricey salon.

Tanning equipment

Tanning equipment uses UV rays in tanning booth and beds which mimic the UV rays from the sun. The main advantage is you can tan yourself the whole year round instead of waiting for the sun for natural tanning. As it’s similar to sunrays, you should limit yourself to using tanning equipment as it still poses health risks such as cancer and skin damage.

Tan Safely

Always practice safety measures when tanning as the associated health risks are well – known and significant. You are more prone to get melanoma if you frequently expose yourself to sunrays for a significant time. Statistics have shown that recently there is a rise in the number of teens that are suffering from skin cancer. You should always wear a sunscreen whenever you’re out and about even in a cold climate (UV rays are reflected more on ices) and it’s best to use one with at least SPF25. And try to limit yourself from going out when the sunrays are at the peak (around 11am to 2pm) as well as wearing protective clothing to cover yourself from the damaging rays.

Show off the sun – kissed colour of your skin even protecting yourself from the sunrays. Feel the glow and flaunt it.

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