How to Fix Your Wrong Hair Color: Some Effective Tips

Coloring your hair can sometimes become a risky affair. Unlike a haircut that can be hidden easily under an effective styling even if something goes wrong or can be fixed, but wrong hair color is difficult to hide. Once the natural color of your hair is changed, it’s changed.

You just cannot get back the natural color instantly. Often the shade you are looking for is missing once the coloring is completed. You may end up having espresso brown instead of chocolate brown. What to do now? How will you hide the color you just do not want to have. However, the best way to handle it is not to panic and take some time. Fortunately, there are still some effective ways to handle the situation.

There are several things you can opt for in case you do not like your new hair color. Naturally, then you color will fade away in the next 3 to 4 weeks. But there are means to speed up this fading process that too harmlessly. Today, Justin Bounds – a renowned professional hairstylist will bring to you some of the most effective techniques to get rid of your wrong hair color.

The best thing is these techniques also serve well for different mis-color situations such as accidental blonde, green, dark red, blue, purple and especially the pink tones… even you use the best pink hair dye on the market, they might still happened.

Waiting is a Good Option

Yes, it is true. It is better to take your time before jump into the conclusion that you have a wrong hair color. On several occasions, the color seems too bright at the beginning and shows the original tone after a few hours. Some highlights take several days to a week to attain the right shade.

Give Your Hair a Good Wash

A good thorough wash can soften up your hair color if you feel it too dark. Definitely, the first wash will be a difficult job and time-consuming. But you will see a lot of the color is going down your bathroom drain. The sight will give you some relief and your hair color will seem lighter.

Use a Hair Color Remover

You will find some of the best hair color removers in the market doing their job perfectly well. They can help you restore your natural hair color when you do not like the hair color you opted for.

Use a Hair Toner

There are some of the best hair toners available in the market as well that will help to correct or lighten the wrong hair color. Often lightening the shade is all it takes to get the right shade.

Dish Soap Can Help

Dish soap can be helpful in removing or at least fading your hair color as they are usually stronger than any hair shampoo. It will definitely aid in fading up the color much faster. The problem is that this will make your hair dryer. So it is better to use a hair conditioner along with the dishwashing soap. Practically, you have the same effect of several shampoos in a single wash with dish soap.

Switching the Hair Parts Works

In case you feel that your highlights are much heavier, then just switching the hair parts can do the job. Color specialists generally place highlights as per your part. Often switching to some other part makes the highlights less heavy and reveals the natural color of your hair more.

Just get back to the Saloon

If everything fails and you are still not happy with your hair color, then just get back to the saloon. Using some glaze or semi-permanent hair colors on top of it can help. Of course, correction of hair color is quite tricky and should be the last option to choose.

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