How to Fix those Fashion Mishaps in a Snap

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I don’t know of any woman who hasn’t run into a fashion mishap at least one time in her life. Whether it’s a run in your pantyhose or a broken heel, they aren’t fun — and they usually seem to happen at the worst possible moment!

For a quick solution, these fashion fixers are invaluable the next time you run into a problem. Think of the following ideas as your “fashion first aid kit” and you will be good to go!

Pantyhose Runs

Luckily, I don’t run into this problem too often. I don’t work in a corporate environment where hose are necessary, but I am familiar with snags and runs from my choir performance days in high school! When this happens, simply dab on a bit of clear nail polish to stop a run in its tracks for a little while, or a spritz of hairspray can also work in a pinch.

Broken Heel

Let’s face it — walking in high heels is difficult enough. When you break a heel however, the problem becomes much trickier to navigate. In this situation, it’s better to leave your home prepared. Bring a small bottle of superglue with you to fix a broken heel temporarily so you aren’t stuck in one place all night!

Broken Bra Strap

If your bra strap breaks, chances are you won’t be in a position to run to the nearest department store and buy a new one. In this case, grab a safety pin to tuck the strap back into place. If the straps aren’t actually broken but just keep slipping down your arm, double sided tape will do the trick for the short term.

Deodorant Marks

Deodorant marks on your slinky black dress? It’s a bummer, but it’s easily fixable. Take a pair of old pantyhose and rub it over the marks to remove them, or use a baby wipe in a pinch. Baby wipes are also ideal for removing makeup stains or dirt from your shoes.

Animal Hair

Covered in animal hair? Instead of finding something else to wear, use a dryer sheet and wipe it over the affected areas. Out of dryer sheets? A piece of velcro can also work wonders.

Stuck Zipper

If you can’t get your zipper unstuck, a clean bar of soap should do the trick. Just rub a little bit of the soap onto your zipper and it should easily glide into place. A wax candle can also work in a pinch if you don’t happen to have soap on hand.

No matter what the occasion, these quick fashion fixes can help ensure you won’t miss out on the event of the season because of a little fashion emergency. Keep these tips in mind and use them the next time you run into a fashion mishap!

Do you have any remedies for fashion emergencies? Share them in the comments!

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