How to Find the Right Medical Clinic for You & Your Family

Finding the right medical clinic in Bundoora is essential for the continuing health for yourself and your family. It’s fairly simple to find a medical clinic in your local area or ask a friend or family member for their opinion of the doctor they see. However, you shouldn’t choose the first medical clinic you come across. Rather, you should run potential centres through a list of criteria to see if they can actually meet your needs. Below, this article will detail some of the vital points to consider when trying to find the right medical clinic in Bundoora for you and your family.


When you’re suffering ill health, you may not wish to travel very far to visit a doctor. Consider whether the medical clinic in Bundoora that you’re thinking of choosing is conveniently located to your home or work. Ask about their opening hours to find out if they suit your schedule. If you work full-time, choosing a medical clinic that’s open on weeknights and weekends could mean less time away from work on medical leave. Other points to think about include the availability of parking on the premises and whether you can book appointments online.

Do They Accept New Patients?

This should be the first question you ask when you contact a medical centre to find out information about them. If they’re not taking new patients, then it doesn’t matter how good their doctors are. Some popular medical centres have a wait list, so if you have a good referral to a particular doctor or medical clinic in Bundoora, you could ask to go on their new patient waitlist, and in the meantime look for another doctor to get you through the interim period.

Many clinics have limited infrastructure and attached number of doctors. In terms of specializations, these clinics are pretty restrictive as well. This is why most individuals and families look for the Best Doctor in Dubai for all their medical issues and problems. They are not only certified, accredited and have years of experience, but they also welcome new patients because of the abundant infrastructure and range of medical services and specializations on offer.


All doctors will have a medical degree, but the field of medicine continually changes, which means doctors need to constantly update their knowledge. The most diligent Australian GPs join to become fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), which equates to special training and ongoing professional development. It helps if you can find a doctor at a medical clinic in Bundoora who is very enthusiastic about what they do, as they’ll care more about their patients and the health results they achieve.

Bedside Manner

You should choose a medical clinic in Bundoora where the process of booking an appointment, attending and sitting in the waiting room is pleasant and convenient. The receptionists should be polite and helpful when you call up to ask a question or book in. If the team need to call you back, they should do so promptly, with concern for your needs. The doctors themselves should have a good bedside manner and show genuine concern for your health.

Follow Up

Does your new doctor follow up on your health issues? Do they keep on top of health checks and immunisations you need in the near future? Do they call you to let you know about the results of tests you undertake? Does your medical clinic in Bundoora have ease of access through communication channels such as a website, social media, text updates, etc.? These are all things to take into account when you choose a new medical clinic.


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