How To Find A Sports Chiropractor In Midtown NYC


Sports Chiropractic refers to a chiropractic field, offering effective treatment of musculoskeletal problems such as painful sprains, strains, and other sports injuries. Athletes may experience muscle spasms, loss of mobility, flexibility issues, muscle asymmetry, and spinal movement issues due to trauma caused by contact sports.

A sports chiropractor can help you prevent the progression of disruptive changes in muscle tone and movement patterns, as well as the pains associated with sports injuries.

Here are some practical ways to find a trusted, reliable, and expert sports chiropractor in Midtown NYC:

  1. Check the Educational Background and Certification

It’s important to check the credentials of a sports chiropractor to ensure that you’re dealing with an expert and qualified professional for effective treatment. Sports chiropractors achieve sports certifications through two different certification levels.

Here are the two chiropractic certification levels:

  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician or CCSP

The sports chiropractor should complete a postdoctoral degree with 100 minimum hours of clinical practice. The educational background specializes in sports medicine and should pass the board examination.

  • Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians or DACBSP

This is considered as the highest level a of sports chiropractor’s achievement. They should complete over 300 hours of postgraduate classroom education and over 100 minimum hours of clinical or on-field experience.  Also, the DACBSP should pass both written and practical examinations. One major requirement is to publish a paper in a sports clinical journal.

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  1. Verify Credentials

When searching for a good sports chiropractor in your area, look for these credentials to ensure you’ll make the right choice. You can ask your prospective sports chiropractor about their membership to well-known chiropractic organizations. You can also contact the organization itself to confirm membership.

Here are the sports chiropractor credentials you need to look for:

  • The sports chiropractor should always be updated of the latest treatment innovations and research once a chiropractor reaches either the CCSP or DACBSP level. It is done through field experience and continuing education
  • The American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians or ACBSP offers a yearly seminar to keep chiropractors abreast on the latest research and chiropractic techniques.
    Accredited chiropractic colleges offer the CCSP and DACBSP sports chiropractic certification programs
  • The ACBSP administers the board examinations. The two sports chiropractic certification programs are accredited by a national multi-industry organization, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies or NCCA. This organization ensures that the certification programs comply with the standards of practice
  1. Determine the Good Qualities

They should possess not only the right credentials but also the good qualities of a professional. Determining the good qualities of a chiropractor will help you straightforwardly express your thoughts and emotions without doubts or hesitations.

Here are the qualities of a good sports chiropractor:

  • Good communication skills.

A sports chiropractor should be able to clearly explain the treatment plan you’ll be undergoing to avoid misunderstanding and false expectations.

  • Good problem-solving skills.

They should offer individualized care to optimize your athletic performance, and should be able to rule out the root cause with careful analysis and problem-solving skills.

  • Holistic approach.

Your treatment plan should be aligned with the reason for your consultation, such as to address pain or discomfort due to sports injuries without disregarding effects on overall health. Watch this video to learn more about how to reduce back and body pain:

  • Sports enthusiast.

Your chosen chiropractor should be a passionate proponent of physical fitness and a skilled sports medicine practitioner.

Note: A good sports chiropractor should be an expert in high-level athletics and has a higher level of understanding about sports injuries. An expert knows that the focus of treatment is not to only reduce pain, but also promote optimal health, functioning, and total body wellness.

Ask the Right Questions

Once you have narrowed down your searches through a background check and validation of credentials, it’s time to ask the right questions. Once you’ve heard the answers, it’s time to choose the best chiropractor for you.

Here are the relevant questions you can ask from a sports chiropractor:

  • How long have you been practicing as a sports chiropractor?
  • What is the usual treatment plan you prescribe for the type of sports I do?
  • What are the sports injuries you’ve treated in the past?
  • What are the sports events or organizations you’re affiliated with?


You can always find qualified sports chiropractors when you search online in search engines, social media, and even the newspaper and television. However, choosing the right chiropractor is a more challenging task. That’s why you need to consider the educational background, credentials, experience, good qualities, and asking the right questions when searching for a sports chiropractor so you can find the right one for your condition.


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