How To Finally Win At Losing Weight

More often than not, losing weight is a journey that affects us more than just on the physical plane. The journey is often just as much emotional and spiritual as it is physical. As such, a successful weight loss journey will require us tending to all parts of ourselves. Here are some winning tips to help you get it right at all points of your journey.

Getting Started

The most important thing to remember when starting this journey toward losing weight is that every new habit you implement should be something you can incorporate into your daily routines and lifestyle. This will help ensure that you are stable to stick with the changes and make your weight loss results long lasting. The last thing you want to do is to work so hard to lose weight and then gain it all back because it simply was not sustainable. So, here goes.

Getting Physical: The Nuts and Bolts of Losing Weight

Naturally, there are some things you must do to lose weight. Starting with supplementation and eating and exercising smarter. The smarter the calories you take in and the more efficient you are at burning them to reduce fat while building muscle is the more successful you will be at losing weight and keeping it off. Here’s what you must do:

– Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables (non-starchy), lean meats, and healthy non-saturated fats (fats in moderation)

– Drink at least the recommended daily amount of water (8 glasses) per day

– Reduce your carbohydrate intake (generally) and avoid processed and refined carbohydrates and opt for carbs that are rich in fiber

– Workout a minimum of four days a week, for a total of 45 minutes each day

*Studies show that short workouts adding up to one long session in total minutes can be just as effective (and in some cases even more effective) than trying to endure one long session at a time. Depending on your schedule and personality, shorter workouts may just be the thing you need . You may find some shorter workout options here.

– Cross train. Never allow your body to get too used to one kind of workout routine. Switch it up and keep it interesting to

Catering to the Mind and Spirit

Losing weight can take a toll on us emotionally and spiritually, just as much as it can physically. Different stages of your weight loss journey are likely to bring up different emotions ranging from fear to hope. Everything from finding the motivation to stay the course when you don’t want to workout (or would rather gorge yourself with ice cream) to taking the time to nurture and be gentle with yourself is important to your weight loss success. Here are some ways to care for yourself on your journey to losing weight.

– Be it taking bubble baths, or reading books that inspire, be sure to participate in non-food ways to take a break, relax, and treat yourself regularly

– Start a meditation practice

– Join a club or start a new activity you enjoy or always wanted to try/pick up a new hobby

– Read weight loss success stories that feature overcoming some of the challenges you are encountering

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