How To Detox In A Healthy Way: 7 Recipes You Will Love

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When you lead an unhealthy lifestyle with drugs and alcohol, your health will soon take a toll on you.

You must already be bombarded with the gimmicky internet advertisements of water and its magical health benefits, but they are not so superficial as you consider them to be.

In fact, detox centers like Ascendant NY include plenty of water in a detox diet because hydration is essential during this time. If you want more information on this rehab, you can check it out here.

7 Best Detox Recipes Of 2022

There are many detox drinks that will help you get through the medical detoxification process. Once you understand how to make these recipes, you will automatically be inclined to include them in the diet chart.

Let’s find them out here:

1: Orange Pomegranate Cinnamon Detox Water

You need to add 2 cinnamon sticks to a jar of drinking water and add pomegranate seeds and orange in it.

Thus, you will have some sweetness to your drinks and will also have a change of taste alongside some added calories, which you will desperately need when you are detoxing.

Pomegranates also have excellent antioxidant properties and are good for bringing your hair, skin, teeth, and nail back to life. You likely have spoiled them when you were active in addiction.

Oranges are also good sources of vitamin C and many other minerals that will keep you healthy. If you have been an alcoholic, you will likely crave drinks from time to time and this recipe will fulfil that need.

2: Lemon Cucumber Mint Detox Water

The minty burst of lemon and cucumber will help you energize with vitamin C that will not only meet your hydration needs but will also promote your digestive actions.

Thus, middle-of-the-day hunger pangs will be met, and since you are detoxing and losing most of the electrolytes from your body, this detox drink is here to help you all.

The combo of antioxidants and silica often helps people to add a natural glow to their skin which they most likely lose when they undergo detoxification.

The drink is fairly easy to make. Just add 3-4 lemon wedges with cucumber slices and 2-3 mint leaves to make the drink. You can drink it with or without ice depending on your preferences.

3: Lime Chia Rosemary Super Drink

Chia is one of the best detoxification agents and lime is here to give you a fresh taste after the tiring session of a medical detox process. This drink can balance your blood sugar, manage your weight loss endeavors and meet your hydration requirements.

Since chia seeds expand 10 times their size when mixed with water, you will also feel full after drinking this detox recipe. Your body may feel full and that will likely prohibit you from overeating.

This drink is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants and will also reduce your body heat and inflammation.

4: Very Berry Detox Drink

You’ll almost certainly down a bottle of this detox water. Strawberries and blackberries are well-known for their strong antioxidant and fiber content. This berry excellent detox water is a tasty drink with a hint of natural sweetness that boosts immunity.

Allow 3-4 fresh strawberries and a handful of whole blueberries or blackberries to rest overnight in a mason jar of drinking water. This detox water will give your healthy drinks a wonderful flavor and variety.

Berries are filled with minerals that fight cell damage and are nature’s antioxidants. Is there anything else we can say? We are sure that you will love this recipe so give it a fair shot.

5: Pink Salt Ginger Lemon Mint Drink

In a jar of water, combine 2 inches of ginger root, 2-3 thick wedges of lemon, and mint leaves, along with a liberal sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt.

Allow this mixture to steep for at least 4-5 hours to create a drink that helps digestion and immunity while fighting stomach bloat and sore throat.

Fresh ginger, our flagship ingredient, has a long history of usage in traditional and alternative medicine since it is a natural colon flush with anti-inflammatory effects that can help with nausea and other stomach ailments.

It also has a number of other health benefits, including reducing inflammation, joint discomfort, cholesterol levels.

6: Watermelon Aloe Vera Drink

How can we make water more hydrating? Aloe vera and watermelon to the rescue! Aloe vera juice has long been a hit in Ayurvedic medicine as one of the best-kept weight-loss secrets.

Aloe vera juice has a number of health benefits, including the ability to balance your digestive system and reduce bloating.

Watermelon is high in nutrients, vitamins, and plant components that have been shown to have cancer-prevention properties as well as a healthy impact on your cardiovascular and digestive health.

Simply combine a few pieces of watermelon and aloe vera pulp, with water, and drink after a few hours for a refreshing drink.

7: Ayurvedic Honey Turmeric Tea

This Ayurveda-approved powerhouse combination of antioxidants like turmeric is topped with spices like black pepper, cayenne pepper, or ginger if you like it spicy, as well as honey.

Even a few drinks of this detox water will help you expel toxins and calm an upset stomach. These withdrawal symptoms are often prevalent during a detox, which is why this drink will help you regain your health.

Turmeric is an ancient Indian spice whose therapeutic powers have made it a global hit.

This detox tea will aid weight loss and digestion, as well as improve immunity and liver health. Thus, it proves to be a healthy recipe during detoxification.

Closing Thoughts

There you go!

We have illustrated the best possible detox recipes that will go hand in hand with your medical detoxification process. Once you understand how these drinks will benefit your health, you will likely include them in your detox diet.

If you are still confused about which detox drink to include, you can always choose the one that appeals to you the most.

But, if you want more details on them, you can always get back to us in the comment section. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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