How to Decorate your Studio like a Pro

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In life, you are like that, nothing resists you, you are afraid of nothing (well almost). In any case, nothing bores you more than a monotonous daily without challenge!

Well, notice to all the daring, the creative, the power girls, we have today a big challenge for you: raise your sleeves to decorate a small studio! A task that can quickly discourage even the most reckless of us.

Because, when you have a home or an apartment with plenty of space it’s easy, you can spread out, let go, without risking clutter.

But with a small cocoon of only a few square meters, it’s another pair of sleeves! It will have to be pragmatic, a good pinch of creativity and especially a high dose of ingenuity!

Do not panic! We are here to help you and give you all the keys to decorate your studio like a real pro. Let’s go!


The whole problem of a studio lies in this reality, it serves as a:

  • living room,
  • dining room,
  • kitchen,
  • bedroom,
  • office,
  • dressing room and more.

The trap would be to mix all this at the same time and make it a real shamble!

To avoid this, think of introducing into your interior ingenious furniture that folds like a table, a sofa bed, a foldaway bed which will save you space. And better, if you can, make tailor-made furniture that may for example hide the kitchen or office space.


In the same vein as the first point, to avoid living in your kitchen, your living room and your bedroom, try to create separate spaces.

This can be done with a bar in the kitchen, a floor separation with a carpet or a different covering, or a judiciously arranged library.


Second big problem of the studios: the lack of storage! So, to continue in clever tips, we advise you to adopt integrated storage.

Yes, there is not only the nasty plastic bins to hide under his bed in life, you can also have clever furniture like a pouf / chest and alternatives much more chic like baskets.


The difference between a studio and a simple student room? The bed that sits (or not) in the middle of the room. So that your little home really looks like an apartment where life is good and not just to sleep, make sure you hide the bed space.

Either you can opt for a sofa bed that will resume its living room function as soon as it is folded, either for a Murphy bed that will disappear in a wall or ceiling, or you have the chance to have a large enough space and, in this case, you can create a sleeping area separated by a partition, a curtain, a screen, a library.


It’s not because your interior is so small that it must be boring! On the contrary! So, to avoid this, do not hesitate to be bold, a little touch to not fall into the too much.

You can, for example, bet on a fancy piece of furniture or a wall dedicated to eccentric skirmishes to reveal all your personality.


Here is a tip that goes with the previous one. To bring a touch of originality to your studio, nothing better than going to hunt! This will save you from having the impression of living in a catalog.

Even if you keep modern furniture that – admittedly – are often functional for limited spaces, do not hesitate to associate them with more retro pieces that will bring an incomparable cachet. Especially that there are small sizes such as a console, a dresser, a small velvet armchair, etc.


Another problem when you live in a limited space is that you can quickly feel cramped, which is oppressive and not very comfortable you will agree.

So, to avoid that, only one slogan: declutter! Exit useless trinkets, dust collectors, stacks of magazines, the multitude of household appliances … To feel good, it will take the maximum to try to make a clean space. Even if it can be very hard for the incorrigible messy.


Of course, a studio does not have a lot of floor space, but that does not stop you from creating volume in height.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a high ceiling, you can always cheat by installing beautiful pairs of curtains to your windows that will create a perfect optical illusion by falling to the ground. Not to mention that they will brighten the room!


To avoid that your studio looks like a merry bazaar or museum of horrors, better to stay consistent in its decor. And that’s all about the color palette you’ll adopt.

First of all, favor the light tones that will give more an illusion of volume and for the decorative objects, choose a color palette that is pastel or more vitamin and stick to that to avoid risky mixtures.


Last tip and no less that can make all the difference: the mirrors!

Not only will they bring a touch of chic to your interior but above all they will increase the space as a person and bring brightness reflecting the light.

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