How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety


Anxiety and stress are common experiences for most people and around 80 percent of the world population feel anxious or stressed on a daily basis, owing to their work schedule and busy lifestyle.

Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, extreme stress—they feel more like next-door neighbours in an individual’s day to day life with all the rush and fast-moving lifestyle. It is okay to be anxious or to have an anxiety attack, you are not going mad, you are simply human.

Here are a few natural ways to deal with anxiety and stress like a pro—

Deep Breathing

Breathing technique is the most common way to deal with anxiety and it is quite effective in dealing with negative thoughts. Whenever you feel that a situation is out of your hands or it is too much to take in, just stretch your hand a little, make circular motions clockwise and anti-clockwise, and start breathing deeply. The idea of this technique is to make yourself feel special as you count every breath you inhale and exhale. You’re one in a million after all, aren’t you? Don’t let your anxieties tell you otherwise.

Aromatic Booster

Well, aromatherapy is a great way to deal with stress, however, this entire process is more about spreading some fragrant joy in your surroundings. Light some incense or candles and feel your stress wearing off in bits and pieces. Just remember, you are more than the anxiety you feel or the stress that weighs you down. When you indulge yourself in a healing activity like lighting a scented candle or some incense, the act in itself is very relaxing. Don’t believe it? Try it and feel it yourself, as you light a scented candle or incense, visualise all your negativity leaving your mind and body, it works like magic.

Hot Stone Therapy

A Hot Stone massage is a therapy treatment that involves placing water heated, iron-rich stones on the key pressure points or tissues of your body. It helps in body detox and healing by increasing the blood circulation in the body. The Hot Stone Therapy massage has a deep warming sensation that not only detoxes your body but also deeply relaxes and heals your mind. Whether it is a bad day at work or a disturbing personal issue or anything else that has got you all bothered, just give yourself a treat and choose Bodytonic Clinic in London for a deeply healing Hot Stone Therapy.

Cut Down on Caffeine

Your day does not kick-start without the aromatic coffee beans, grounded perfectly to give you a perfect steaming cup of coffee? Ah, well, as tempting it might sound you really need to cut down on your caffeine intake. Why? Because my friend, you are somewhere forgetting the art of moderation. Coffee (or any caffeine stimulant), when consumed in moderation, is a great health booster, however, any product that is a caffeine stimulant, including coffee, tea and chocolate will only lead to increased anxiety and insomnia.

Maintain a Journal

As retro as it may seem, it is a deeply relaxing therapy that includes no hefty amount of money to pamper yourself. Writing about your insecurities or feelings that bother you is a blessing in disguise. Also, writing is a proven therapy to help you understand yourself better. There is a secret to writing, when you jot down your deepest fears, it has the power to change into your greatest strength.


Sometimes, it is not easy for a human mind to perceive all that it feels, writing it down enables an individual to address the thoughts deeply engraved in their subconscious mind and deal with them accordingly. It is a deeply fulfilling method to deal with stress and anxiety.

Learn to Say No

It is absolutely okay to say ‘NO’! You’re an individual and you have an identity. As hard it might be for you to say no, sometimes it is very important to draw a line in the sand and maintain healthy boundaries. Believe it or not, most people feel stressed and suffer anxiety attacks due to over-commitment. Do yourself a favour and learn to say ‘No’ every now and then.

Final Thoughts

The best way to deal with stress and anxiety is to stand strong in your own identity and look at it as a passing feeling. Remember to breathe deeply, jot down your feelings,go for some talking therapy, give yourself an aroma treat and last, but not least, do not forget; you are the very ‘Universe’ expressing itself as a human.

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    To avoid tension or anxiety you should enjoy everything you are involved in.

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