How to Deal With Herniated Disc

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Pain is an issue that can lead to disability; that is why you need to meet a health specialist sooner. Neck pains arise due to a problem with bones and other structures in the neck. The pain can prevent you from accomplishing the most basic activities, such as getting up in the morning or going for a walk. However, with comprehensive medicines, your Lawrenceburg herniated disc specialist can help relieve your pain.

What is a herniated disc?

Your neck must twist for just about every movement you expect your body to perform. The movement becomes possible due to a series of 33 bones working together. Your neck also contains other circular discs filled with fluids to help absorb shock and cushion the 33 vertebras. Additionally, the neck has other complex structures that help with movement which contain fibrous outer rings and a gel-filled center. The nucleus is the gel-filled center while the annulus is the series of rings.

Damage to any point on your neck leads to chronic pain.  Your pain is a consequence of shifts from the inner nucleus towards the center of the disc. The shifting motion creates a bulging effect that obstructs or disturbs the position of your nerves. Any disturbance to the nerves leads to extreme pain that needs the attention of Elite Physical Medicine physicians.

Neck pain can radiate to other regions, disabling you in many ways if left unchecked for long.

What is the reason for herniated discs?

The major reason why you have neck issues is aging. The body structures, especially the bones, become more brittle as you become older, making the discs easily fall out of place. The weakening of the annulus or any other critical part in your neck makes your body easily twist from the waist-down instead of the usual knees region, leading to herniated discs.

You can also have herniated discs from situations such as:

  •         Sedentary lifestyle
  •         Improper lifting
  •         Muscle weakness
  •         Spinal injuries

Obesity is also an issue you must address because the extra weight can add pressure on your neck, leading to pains and ultimately herniated disc. Apart from obesity, smoking can increase your chances of a herniated disc.

What symptoms do you expect from herniated discs?

Common symptoms of the issue include:

  •         Limited mobility
  •         Neck pain
  •         Numbness
  •         Muscle weakness
  •         Tingling
  •         Muscle spasm
  •         Shoulder pain

Immediate care from Elite Physical Medicine will help you avoid other adverse issues such as sciatica, characterized by a sharp pain in the point of inflammation.

How do doctors treat herniated discs?

Elite Physical Medicine has a series of drugs and therapies that will remedy your neck issue. Historical factors will help determine the major cause of your issue for better diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor will provide treatment options such as:

  •         Nerve blocks
  •         Chiropractic adjustments
  •         Massage therapy
  •         Joint injections
  •         Therapeutic exercise

You will also undergo a three-part treatment plan to guarantee that your issue does not arise again.
Having a herniated disc can prevent you from fully expressing yourself. Gain confidence by visiting Elite Physical Medicine for comprehensive treatment. Call or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.

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