How to create a home Gym

Having a home gym is a major convenience, but you need to make sure that you have the right pieces to reap the most benefit. You can create a home gym within the budget that you have, ensuring that you have the pieces you need for a total body workout. You just need to understand your exercise needs and preferences for this.

Find the Ideal Space

The first thing to tackle is finding a great space to place your home gym. Of course, size is a critical aspect because you need to be able to fit your equipment and easily move around as you work out. A spare bedroom is ideal because you can dedicate the whole room to your fitness needs. You can even clear a space in your living room if it is large enough. Regarding space, a good rule of thumb is 9′ by 9′ for a home multi gym, according to Fitness Savvy.

Create a Functional Atmosphere

You want a workout space and a home gym that allows for a productive workout. First and foremost, you need adequate lighting to keep you energized. Natural light is best, but you can also incorporate a number of lamps and other types of lighting to ensure enough light.

Placing some plants throughout the space is also a good idea. Use plants like bamboo palms, ferns and spider plants in your home gym. These not only get your spirits up, but they also help to purify the air.

One option that personal trainers recommend is adding at least one floor-length mirror to your home gym. Not only is seeing yourself motivating, but it also allows you to ensure that you are using proper form. Another benefit is being able to see yourself as the instructor and this can be empowering for those new to fitness and people in a fitness rut.

Make sure that there are no distractions in your home gym. Remove all of the clutter and only have in there what you need for a productive workout. Only have a television if you use it for workout videos or as a way to keep you motivated on your treadmill or other equipment. Just do not let it become a distraction.

Adding the Right Equipment

The biggest piece of equipment to place in your home gym is your cardio equipment. A treadmill or elliptical machine are the most common options and those that are the most versatile for people of all fitness levels. These two pieces of equipment also come in a variety of budgets, making it easy to find one that you can afford. So, learn more about elliptical trainer before purchasing your best choice.

Some basic strength training equipment is the next thing that you want to look at. If your goal is to build larger muscles, a weight bench is something to consider because you can get a more intense strength workout with this equipment. If you simply want to tone your muscles, free weights are a better option. You can choose both if your budget allows, allowing for a most versatile strength training routine. Here is a top of the best weight benches we’ve found on market.

Flexibility is the third aspect of fitness to consider. Resistance bands work well and allow you to strength train and improve your flexibility simultaneously. Make sure that you also have adequate floor space to go through a complete flexibility routine or for bodyweight exercises, such as pushups.

Before you take the time to invest in your own home gym, you want to talk to your doctor. It is important to know that you are choosing the types of exercise that will benefit you and are safe for you. Once you get the go ahead, use the information above to create a home gym that is sure to work for you.

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