How to convert portable basketball hoop to inground

Do you love basketball? Thinking to buy a hoop to enjoy the sports more? Then you have to decide which one is better for you. There is two type of basketball hoops – one is portable basketball hoop and the other one is an in-ground hoop. If you want to be a national level player than you have to convert your hoop into an inground one. This article is all about how to convert portable basketball hoop to inground.

What things to consider when you are thinking to take a hoop?

This one will make you confused when you are making a choice between a portable hoops or inground. Let me help you to find the perfect one.

  • You have to know your space when you are thinking about a hoop. A portable hoop will take a lots space when you want to place it. If you place it on your driveway, it will take approx 3 feet space. And if you place the inground one it will take less space than the portable one. If your neighbor is not a friendly one than you can’t place a portable hoop. Don’t think if you use an in-ground hoop, it is not removable. You can move it as like the traffic signal pole can be moved.
  • If you go for the cheaper one than your hoop will shake when the kids are playing and it is not a pleasant experience. So go for a steel frame that will not shake and it is long lasting. It is maybe little pricey but it is worth it.
  • It is better to go for easy assembling hoop. Because if you take a hard hoop to assemble, your time will waste and you will not enjoy. Look for the easy one to attach.
  • Choose the rims that have adjustable features. It is easy to figure out.
  • You will get a glass, acrylic and polycarbonate made basketball hoops. The best one is the polycarbonate. It is the most durable one you can use. You will not have to think about it as it is getting damaged or as like the acrylic or glass one.

Now I will talk about converting the basketball hoop to inground. The inground hoop is best for serious game players. You may think this process is costly and time-consuming than you have to take your own risk. And it is not costly at all. The things you will need to convert is available at home and easy to use. Check it out yourself:

  • Things you will need to convert:

Care goggles


Hacksaw which is metal made


Jackhammer for adding concrete if it requires



Cement that is ready mix



The process of converting:

  • Place the portable basketball hoop on the ground. Then remove the backboard and the rim from the hoop pole. By this, it will be easy to move and cut.
  • The rim and the backboard are generally stays screwed to the pole. In order to remove them, you have to use a screwdriver to unscrew them. It will make the pole light and ready.
  • You have to remove the base that makes the hoop portable. To remove it, you have to use a metal hacksaw. With the saw, you can cut the base. The base stays attached to the pole so it needs to be cut.
  • Now it is time to dig a hole in the ground you want to place the hoop. Make sure the hole is 6 inches deep and wide as twice as the pole. If you find the ground surface hard to dig than you have to use a jackhammer. It will make the task easier.
  • Now it is time to place the pole. At first, you have to place it vertically than straight.
  • When the pole is paced properly than you can use ready-mix concrete and pour it in the hole. After pouring the cement then add water. Make sure you have added proper water. Because it will make the base strong. Make sure to fill the ground properly and make it level .let it dry for overnight.
  • When the cement is dry and the pole is perfectly straight. Then take the ladder and screw back the rim and backboard in the pole. Don’t do it before the cement is dry.

And yes it is done. This full process needs 6-8 hours to complete. So you have to do it on the weekends. Bu this, your serious player can play basketball without any tension of getting hurt or damage.

A portable basketball hoop needs an extra secure process that makes it safe for to play with. But it is not so satisfactory. If you have enough space and time than converting your portable hoop to inground. It will make your game secured and perfect. Just you have to know how to convert portable basketball hoop to inground. It is not so hard task to complete but it needs time. The process is really time-consuming but worth it. Before anything, safety comes first and an inground basketball hoop will ensure you that. When you have done with converting, after securing all the things for safety, let your kids play with it. It will make them confident and your kid will grow confident to play this game with speed and skill.



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