How to Clean The Tile Floors

The flooring is very important part of a room. Nowadays people love to keep the floor tiles floor. Bathroom and kitchen mainly have tiles floor. To clean tiles floor you need to do it in the proper way with care. You can also use the vacuum to clean tiles floor. Here are some easy tips to clean the tiles floor.

  • Vacuum the tiles floor daily. With this, the dirt and food bits can easily get clean. If you use water in tiles floor, the dirt tends to turn into hard to remove the stain. Try to use vacuum before mopping.
  • If your tiles floor has no stains then mop the floor with warm water. Add some dishwasher soap to clean the daily dirt and remains. Use a clean damp cloth to bring shininess on the floor.
  • To dry the floor use a dry mop then you can use water to clean tile floor.
  • When you have tea or juice on the floor, then don’t just want to clean it. Clean it then itself. Or else your tiles will be sticky.
  • If you want to deep clean then use vinegar with water. When you use vinegar to make sure to clean the floor properly with water or else your floor will be slippery.
  • If you get the stain on the tiles floor then make a paste with warm water and washing powder. Apply the paste on the stain and rub it. Then use warm water and cloth and remove the stain.
  • Sometimes the bathroom tiles floor gets mildew. To get it removed use ammonia and water mix. Then wash the floor with water. The mildew will go away.
  • The most irritating thing is rust. When your floor gets rust it is tough to get it removed. Use kerosene to remove the rust from the tiles.
  • Grout on the tiles floor is a common stain. When you have one use baking soda and water mix to erase it.  After applying the mixture you can use fresh water to make it clean.
  • Using bleach to clean tiles floor is common practice. But make sure to use it with water.

Here were some simple effective tips of cleaning the tiles floor your home.

Keeping the tiles clean is really a tough job. You have to use different kinds of things to use chemicals and elements to keep the floor clean. You may say why to bother to keep the tiles floor clean. But it is the real must to keep the tiles floor clean and hygiene. Or else your home will get affected with dirt and debris and this is not good for your family’s health environment. The best way is to clean the tiles on the daily basis.

By this practice, the tiles will get less dirt and your cleaning time will not take long. So cleaning tiles floor is need to be done with care and cleaning techniques. The techniques can be used on ceramic and faux tile floor also. But remember don’t clean over and over, it is not good for tiles.

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