How to Clean a Baby Stroller

While you enjoy strolling with your baby, sight-seeing the world and the beauty of nature. Make sure the little one is also enjoying the trip in a clean stroller. What about you? You’d be more comfortable going for a walk with your baby in a clean stroller. You should clean your baby strollers regularly, not only because you have to, but also for the sake of the child’s health.

Most parents take too long before they clean theirs; which is not right. With dust, dirt, and soot from exhausts that the outdoors can present, chances are, the fabric will be shabby, with crumbs clogging every crevice. The frame is probably sticky with lollipop and juices that the child has smeared all over.

Follow the following tips to the latter for a more thorough cleaning or choose which to apply depending on how you want to have your baby stroller cleaned.

Read User Manual

It’s hardly possible to clean a baby stroller on a daily basis. In fact, many parents take too long in between cleanings, which I wouldn’t recommend. That’s why when you have to clean it, and you better clean it thoroughly. The first step to doing so requires you to understand the stroller and its parts exhaustively.

It is important that you go through the user manual before you clean your baby stroller, especially before the first cleaning.  The manual will help you understand the stroller parts better and how to handle them during the cleaning.

Through the owner’s manual, you get to finds out and understand the delicate parts and maybe figure out how to clean them without destroying anything. It also enlightens you on how to dismantle certain parts for better cleaning and how to put them back together once you are through.


To give your baby stroller a thorough cleaning, you will need to put it as much apart as possible. You will have to dismantle it. Some parts are detachable by hand while some will need you to use a screwdriver to remove the screws and bolts.

Do it in an organized manner so that you don’t misplace anything or forget how to put them back. It becomes a lot easier to clean the stroller when it is put apart. Remove the canopy and the fabrics for better access during cleaning.

Remove Lose Dirt

Take the stroller outside in an open area and get rid of the loose dirt. You have to remove as much dust as possible. You can achieve this by detaching toys and other detachable parts and accessories and run a vacuum over all the reachable until the last loose dirt is removed.

The seats and the basket are notorious with keeping dirt, and you should concentrate on them more. You can use your hand to wipe away any twig or crumbs that may have collected in the seats. Make sure you remove all the pieces of food that might be hiding in between the surfaces. If they are stuck, you can brush them off first before you wash the surfaces.

Cleaning Toys and Trays

Clean the snack trays, touts, and cup holders the same way you clean your utensils. Kids like to put toys in their mouth sometimes, and by cleaning these components well, you protect your child in a great way. Soak them in a sink full of hot soapy waters for about 10 minutes before scrabbling and rinsing them thoroughly. For scrubbing, use a soft cloth because it is gentle on such surfaces.  Leave them to air dry after rinsing; just the same way you do with utensils.

Cleaning Fabric Seats and Soft Components

Cleaning the seat fabric, basket and canopy require much more attention than the other stroller parts. Return to the manual and follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to clean these parts without causing wear or tear or compromising its quality.

Wash the machine washable parts with the gentle cycle and non-chlorine bleach. For the non-machine washable parts, it is more effective to wipe them thoroughly using a dump cloth before leaving them to air dry. Wipe until the last stain is removed. I would recommend that once the fabric is completely dry, you apply a disinfectant spray to sanitize and freshen up the cloth.

Cleaning the Frame and Wheels

Cleaning the hard parts aren’t demanding as cleaning the fabrics. It is a combination of metal and plastic parts that can be scrubbed and washed without much worry. Begin by brushing off any debris and crumbs and sticky substances that might be clinging to the hard surfaces of the stroller. Use a baby-safe all-purpose cleaner and warm water to wipe down the frame until they look almost as good as new.

Do the same to all the detached plastic and metal parts. Remove the wheels so that you can clean the rims with ease and more effectively. Use a gentle disinfectant to clean the rims until they shine. Gently brush sand and dirt off the tires. Check the brakes and clean them too. Dirt is fond of settling within the brake system, which can affect its functionality.


Once you are through with cleaning a baby stroller, and with all its parts completely dry, then now you can put everything back together nicely. Reattach all the fabric parts to the frame and crew the screw-able parts back together.

This shouldn’t be a challenge at all since you managed to detach them. If there is any problem with putting some parts together, you can always confirm with the user manual. Reattach the cup holders, toys, and the basket back into place. Don’t forget the canopy or the wheels.

Final Verdict

Before you begin cleaning a baby stroller, you might have the wrong impression that it is a difficult process, but it’s not. Once you have everything you need for the job, you will be done before you even realize it. Isn’t it nice to go out with your baby in a stroller that’s clean and glowing all the way? Everyone will be admiring you and your baby. Besides, a clean baby gears, stroller is healthy for your baby.

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