How to Choose The Best Spinning Reels

Are you a casual or serious angler? Then you must have a spinning reel for fishing. Because you will not find any easy and flexible fishing tool than the spinning reels. You can use the Spinning reels for all types of techniques.

Spinning reels have an open-faced fixed spool position in line along with the rod.

A spinning reel is appropriate for the light line as well as live bait presentations. You just need to cast a very light lure. But don’t want to harm live bait for getting a little extra distance.

Anglers prefer this simply for its simplicity of operation and easy casting ability. But if you are a new angler or don’t have a proper idea about the spinning reels, then you may face trouble to choose the best one. You have to the detail features of it to have the right one.

If you are in confusion that what features you should consider as the most important of a spinning reel to step into the spinning arena, then this article surely will help you to sort out the facts.

The major factors in selecting a spinning reel are as follows:

Sizes of Spinning Reel

1. 1000 to 3500, these are reels are small reels and are used with lightweight (6 – 7ft) rod for targeting small fish species.

2. 4000 to 5500, these are medium sized reels and are used with snapper or barramundi (6-7ft.) style rod.

3. 6000 to 9500, these are large spinning reels and are used with varied rod sizes; heavy-weight boat rods or rock/surf fishing rods.

What to Consider Choosing the Best Spinning Reel

  • Spend the Money that needs to have a good quality spinning reel
  • Whether it is braid friendly or not
  • Think about the Capacity of the reel you are going to buy
  • Whether you are going to have it for inshore
  • Whether you are going to have it for offshore
  • How Much Drag You will need from it
  • Keep in mind that components matter. So, check the components of the spinning reel again and again.
  • Buy it for the long-term
  • Compare the Knob Rivets having on the Handle
  • Whether the spool made for the braid
  • Consider the corrosion protection of the reel
  • Consider whether You can throw peanuts to Elephants
  • Remember that workhorse reels can serve you the best
  • Pick it for a spin
  • Consider it’s spool configuration
  • Re-think about ball-Bearing and bail line rollers

How to Choose the Best Spinning Reel

  • Before choosing your spinning reel, try to figure out that what types of fishes you would like to catch.
  • Take a few moments if you haven’t already used any reels. Try to gather some idea about the size as well as species of fish that are available in your area.
  • Then pick out the appropriate spinning reel which is best suitable for you considering fish species and size.
  • Before purchasing, check all the parts again and again.
  • Consider whether it will match with your rod.

Bottom Line

I hope you have now got a good idea of how you can have the spinning reel for you. Now you can take your action.

Just don’t forget to consider the size of the spinning reels as there are 3 different sizes of reel for catching different sizes fishes with saltwater reels.

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