How to choose the Best Garbage Disposal


Every household has wastes that need to be disposed in the most efficient and fastest way. Most of the foods that we eat has remains in form of trash and needs to be disposed immediately to avoid odor. You need to choose the best disposal that fits your own specific requirements. We have two main basic types of disposal, that is; Continuous-Feed Model which is considered the easiest model to use, since the grounding process is continuous; you can put new waste in as old waste is being ground. The other model is Batch-Feed Model which is considered to be the safest; they are loaded with wastes before turning down the stoppers to activate blades. Here are some of the things you should consider before purchasing garbage disposal:

Consider Horsepower

How many horsepower do you need? Garbage disposal comes with range of different and standard horsepower. The standard horse powers includes 1/3, ½, ¾ and 1.

Motor horsepower depends on the size of the family. A small family disposes small amount of waste, hence they will require a smaller power unit. On the other side, large families tend to have more trash to dispose and will hence require a very powerful horsepower to grind the wastes.

It’s advisable for you to consider buying at least ½ hp instead of 1/3 hp even if your wastes are less; ½ hp motor is sufficient for most household tasks.

Higher end motors are more expensive than lower horsepower’s and are the most efficient in grinding large volume of food wastes. They perform tough jobs such as grinding chicken bones and are thus considered reliable. These horsepower lasts longer that lower level horsepower’s.

If your household requirements require high range horsepower, go for 1 hp motor, it will give you smooth operation and less it’s jamming.

Anti-jamming capabilities

Lower end ranged disposal especially 1/3 hp tend to jam more often in the process of grinding. You will have to spend a lot of time fixing them and this will probably frustrate you.

These grinders’ motors are not powerful enough to grind food wastes, food will get clogged in the drain causing jamming. Grinders are nowadays fixed with the anti-jamming gadgets. Always purchase grinders fitted with these gadgets to avoid frequent jamming of your grinder.


Warranty offered by garbage disposals vary, most have warranty that ranges from at least two years to a limited lifetime. Lower power unit disposals are subject to mechanical defects and usually have one or two year warranty while more powerful unit disposals have five or more years warranty cover.

Warranty varies depending on brand and model. If your grinders have any mechanical problem, ask for assistance from the company where you bought the grinder and they might fix the grinder free of charge. Most reputable companies offer services to their customers for free, always purchase grinders from such companies.

If you want quality grinders buy the higher level horsepower grinders with a long warranty period.

Furthermore, you might also want to consider ensuring that your garbage disposal is covered by your home warranty plan.

In case you do not already have a home warranty plan in place, a home warranty is a type of service contract that can be used to cover the cost of maintaining your household systems and appliances.

For example, if your property is based in Colorado, taking out a home warranty plan with a company like First American Home Warranty can be hugely beneficial as they will help you to source local repair professionals if anything does go wrong with the systems and appliances in your home.

With this in mind, comparing a few different home warranty plans in your local area can help you to find the right warranty agreement for your property.

Noise levels

Grinders usually produce sounds just like other machines. This noise may have adverse hearing problems to people subjected to them. Nowadays disposals are fitted with sound insulation. These insulation’s include noise-reduction features and anti-vibration sink mounts. Always go for grinders with such features.


Different sellers and grinders have varying prices. Always contact various companies to get their price ranges. Some companies might overcharge you to take advantage of your ignorance on price. You can even compare different company’s prices online from company’s website. Before purchase, make a call to the company to compare their prices. Don’t go for the lowest possible price in the market; lower prices are associated with low powered hosepipes which will frequently jam. When buying a disposal, look for a quality one with current market prices. Reputable companies will never overcharge their customers; they even sell at a discount to encourage them to buy more products from them.

Other factors to consider before purchasing a best garbage disposals include; Grinder stages, motor type, plumbing task and your locality rules.

Those are some of the factors that you should consider before buying garbage disposals. Always go for quality rather than price, by doing this you will enjoy long term benefits.

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