How To Choose Table Tennis Paddles

Table tennis is a great sport. To play this sports sportingly, you have to own a perfect table tennis paddles. This part is very confusing. If you choose the wrong one, your skill development will slow down. So you have to know how to choose the best table tennis paddles. It is important. There are many kinds of table tennis paddles on the market, make sure you have the right one.

Tips to choose the perfect table tennis paddles

Don’t take extra pressure while choosing the paddle. Just follow some simple tips:

  • If you are a beginner then don’t go for a premade paddle. This paddle is for expert players. This bat is basically not good for developing skill as it has rubbers with the blade. You will not go to play with it for a long time.
  • Then you need to pick the perfect blade on the paddle. There are a variety of blades on the market. Go for a branded all-around blade. For developing your skill you have to pick a medium going blade, not too fast or slow.
  • Now consider the grip type. Focus on the pros and cons and compare the designs. Once you are done choosing and start playing, it will be difficult to change the style later. Your technique will get hampered. You have to choose a grip style that will provide you a lifetime career. Pick the grip that also represents the style.
  • Choose the handle type that is comfortable for you. Because if you don’t feel good with the handle then you cannot play properly. The best styles are now is straight handles and flared handles. You can also consider anatomic handle and conic handle. Forehand hitting is best with flared handle and backhand hitting is with straight handle. But it is highly recommended to pick the nice and comfortable handle for your hand to play with grace.
  • Before buying a blade do take advice from other players. Some sticks with their old blades for years. If you can take other players blade if they allow it. Who knows, you may find an all-around blade that is just perfect. Blades are long-lasting. If possible give it to other new players when you are done with it.
  • You can use even rubbers on both sides. Don’t take pimpled rubber without or with a sponge. These rubbers don’t let you play with different spins or strokes. They are limited in design. You have to own a bat to develop many tricks in the game. Go for an all-rounder plane rubber. At first, it will feel hard but you will get used to it fast.
  • To put a blade on the flat rubber, try branded rubbers in a 1.5 mm sponge. This sponge will help you to control the ball and show different skill. The paddle will allow you to show any style in a defensive or aggressive way. When you will grow expert in the play, you can go for a high in quality blade and rubbers that help to improve your play skill more.
  • If you are new in the game, don’t go for highly designed rubbers or blades and carbon layer made paddles. You will not able to control it and develop your skill. Go for a simple design for the first time.
  • When you are purchasing a paddle, go to the local one. Don’t go for brands when you are new in the game. The branded ones don’t have isolated rubbers and blades. They sell it together. Go for the separate ones to start then gradually you can think about getting the branded ones. Take advice from the old players.
  • After getting the perfect rubbers and blades, go to an experienced player to attach them perfectly. Then learn from him. You may find some attached but for a better experience, learn by yourself.
  • Get a good cover for your paddle. It will keep it safe from any damage like sunlight, dirt and liquid spills. If you have the budget then spend money on the cover. It will make the paddle long lasting and strong to play with.

It is very common that you may not be allowed to bat testing. Follow this suggestion:

  1. Convince other players to let play with their bats. This will help you to test the rubber range. You will not have to spend money for this. Try to practice different strokes. Get to know how much spin you can create and your ball control power. Note all your weakness and strength.
  2. Go for online reviews. There are some popular tennis review sites. In this sites, you will find players reviews. This will help you to gather information about different paddles. But make sure the reviews are real and honest.
  3. If you own one, then try to develop your skill with it. When you will improve then go to the new one and make your playing skill more strong and powerful.

Yes, this has to be done while you are in dilemma in how to choose table tennis paddles. These paddles are the important part of the game. If you have the perfect one then you will be a great player in no time but if you choose the wrong one then you will waste your time. So be smart and careful while choosing the tennis paddle. Remember that at first, you will find it hard then you will enjoy the game later.

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