How to Choose Protein Supplements and Products

Revamping your diet so that it can be attuned to your New Year’s resolution is okay. If you are trying to stay on the healthy track, eating right and fitness are the right courses for you.

Of course, there are a lot of ways and routes for this endeavor. However, none of these would work if your body is not getting enough protein that its need.

Protein is a necessary component to stay fit. With this nutrient, your body will not go hungry easily. As a result, you can religiously follow your strict eating regimen and never fall into the traps of sudden “cheat days.” But at the same time, it is also completely alright if you don’t take all the protein sources that are offered to you.


Choosing strongest pre workout supplements and whole food ingredients are always the best move when it comes to efficient protein sustenance. These guys are typically packed with protein! There are protein-oriented snacks like bars and cookies (like the MuscleTech Protein Cookie Nutrition) that you can take as well if you are in dire need of protein boost while you are away from your kitchen.

While you are browsing in the market for the best protein product, being careful is quite necessary. C’mon. There’s no harm if you are going to be keen on what is being offered to you. If you are quite oblivious to what to get, check out the considerations that I have listed below.

A Guide in Choosing the Best Protein Product


1. Down with Artificial Ingredients

What you are looking here is protein, not artificial components. Don’t believe that you can’t get protein without these unwanted ingredients. Sweeteners, preservatives, and color additives are no longer desired in the market. After all, they contain some chemicals that can pose harm to your body. You don’t want that to happen, right? You can always stay natural, even if the protein source is commercially sold.

Well, I have to admit that even those “natural” protein products may still contain some of these chemicals. However, they will not give you mystery components that might destroy your body without you knowing.

2. No Protein Fillers

Just like artificial ingredients, a good protein source should not come with fillers. The community calls these supplementations “amino spiked.” You see, some manufacturers tend to include a lot of cheap amino acid powders as a replacement to the genuine protein component. Specifically, they disguise these amino acid powders as protein, which is completely preposterous. It is true that the building blocks of protein are amino acids. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that amino acids and proteins are just the same, technically.

The reason for this treachery is to curb down the manufacturing cost of their products. After all, getting “real” protein is not that cheap. Now, determining which product is filled with fillers is quite difficult. Most of these companies will never tell what they have included in the product. If I were you, I would always be suspicious of those brands that have imprinted proprietary blends on their labels. They should raise your suspicion.

At this rate, the best option that you have is to only pick protein products that have honest labels. In that way, you can be confident that what you are getting are the things that your body desired for. Don’t worry if they are slightly expensive than the rest. Their price will equate the benefits that they can give to you.

3. Be Aware of Fats and Sugars


Some commercial protein sources have a lot of sugars and fats because they originally act as replacements for daily meals. They are not necessarily bad for you if they are the things that your body needs right now. Otherwise, you have to choose a protein product that doesn’t have added sugar. The latter will just slow down your efforts of trimming down your size.

Of course, I am not saying that fat and sugar are not essential to your body anymore. They are still necessary to regulate your body functions. However, make sure that you don’t take them excessively. It is this moment that you’ll realize that you should get these components from somewhere else, not to your protein supplementation.

Macronutrients like carbs, fats, and proteins can be acquired by taking healthy food alternatives such as shakes and smoothies. The best thing about these delicacies is that they allow you to choose the type and amount of ingredients that you are going to take. In this way, controlling and optimizing your diet would be a lot easier!

Final Thoughts

It is undeniable that protein is an essential component of fitness and bodybuilding. If you want to get healthy, your body should always be nourished with this nutrient. But always remember that you should never get too desperate about it. If you pick shabby protein-giving-products, you are just compromising your overall welfare. You must adhere to these little tips that I have given you here. With them around, you can never get the wrong one for you.

Chester Peterson is the founder of HeroMuscles.Com, the father of two children. I workout every day and I really want to share with you my knowledge and experience about my passion on this blog. It would be great if you dropped by, read what I wrote and left some comments. Connect with him at Twitter

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