How to Choose a Lightweight Portable Massage Table Guide: Tips & Advice

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Are you considering investing in a lightweight, portable massage table but you’re not sure how lightweight your table should to be?

Below are some guidelines for choosing a lightweight massage table.

Do I Need a Lightweight Massage Table?

If you transport your table 3 or more times a week, you may want to consider purchasing a lightweight massage table.

The strain of carrying your massage table can take a toll on your body over time. It can also zap your energy before and after a massage session.

The question is—how lightweight does your portable massage table need to be?

As a general ballpark figure, a portable massage table that weighs less than 30 pounds is considered lightweight.

An ultra-lightweight table is generally defined as 27 pounds or lighter. In case you need a more detailed guide on stationary (and portable tables as well) I found that this guides here and here to be helpful and will help you make the right choice.

What Is the Real Massage Table Weight?

 The portable massage table weight listed by a manufacturer is based on the weight of the massage table alone.

This means that the weight of the headrest, side extenders, arm shelf, or other accessories that store inside your table are in addition to the rated massage table weight.

What Is the Ideal Massage Table Weight?

The ideal weight for a portable massage table depends on you as the therapist.

If you are short with a slight frame, even a lightweight massage table may weigh more than you’re comfortable with.

In this case, the best thing you can do is purchase a  cart or a bag to take the strain off of your back and shoulders.

If you are taller and stronger, a heavier massage table may work just fine for mobile appointments.

What Makes a Massage Table Lightweight?

 Many different factors affect the weight of a massage table, including the weight of the materials used, the table width and length, and the foam thickness.

Although some truly lightweight wood massage tables do exist, most ultra-lightweight massage tables are constructed with aluminum rather than wood.

Aluminum is a lighter weight material and just as strong—in fact, stronger than wood.

Another factor that reduces the weight of a portable massage table is the length and width. If your clients are short to average height and you always use the face cradle, you may be able to squeak by with a shorter massage table.

Massage table width is not as negotiable, however, since the width of the massage table impacts your body mechanics.

Performing massage on a table that is too wide or too narrow for your body type can result in injury.

Foam thickness is another possible compromise. The thicker the padding, the heavier the table will be. An uncomfortable massage table, however, is not worth the weight it will shave off if it makes your clients unhappy.

Final Words of Wisdom

 When shopping for a lightweight massage table, don’t forget to look at the dimensions!

It’s better to purchase a heavier massage table (and use a table cart, if needed) than to purchase a massage table that forces you to compromise on your body mechanics or your clients’ comfort.

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