How to Change your Skincare Routine for the Winter

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Once cold weather hits, you prepare your home for the winter — but you also need to prepare and protect your skin! Thankfully, there are only a few simple things you can do to change up your winter skincare routine.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

While it’s important to do this throughout the year, it’s especially critical to remain hydrated in the winter, when cold temperatures cause your skin to dry out. If you have a hard time remembering to drink water, set a timer or write little messages to yourself to remember to grab a bottle before you leave the house. Drinking lots of fluids will help your complexion glow, even during the colder months!

2. Soften Skin

If you’re experiencing dry, flaky patches, redness, and/or irritation, there are a couple of things you can do. First, fill a large bowl with boiling water and lean over the bowl so the steam can work its magic (place a towel over your head to trap the steam). Do this for about 5 to 7 minutes, and follow with an intensive exfoliating scrub or mask. This will help soften your skin and remove dryness caused by cold temperatures.

3. Moisturize

Those lightweight moisturizers you used during the summer are not going to cut it when cold weather hits. Switch up your skincare routine with an alcohol-free moisturizer (alcohol can dry out the skin) and apply it regularly. Use a moisturizer that’s appropriate for your skin type, but make sure it’s deeply hydrating to lock in moisture and prevent the frigid winter air from sucking the life out of your skin. Applying moisturizer to freshly cleansed skin (use a gentle, lightweight cleanser during the winter) will help skin absorb the product better.

4. Avoid Hot Showers

Before your freak out, hear me out — taking extended showers or baths in steaming hot water can quickly sap moisture from your skin. While it may feel heavenly, adjust the temperature to warm, not hot water. After toweling off, apply a heavy duty body cream to lock in moisture.

5. Don’t Lick Your Lips

When lips are dry, it’s tempting to lick them to bring back moisture; instead, this maneuver will end up drying your lips even more. To avoid the temptation, carry a tube of lip balm with you (bonus points if it contains an SPF). Apply lip balm liberally throughout the day to keep lips healthy and moisturized.

While the majority of women use the same skincare products throughout the year, it’s important to change your routine according to the seasons. Winter air can dry out your skin, making it flaky, red, irritated, and lifeless. By following these winter skincare tips, you can put the life — and the moisture — back into your skin!

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