How to Boost Your Energy and Health for a Better You

You may be eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle but still feel stressed and exhausted. This may be due to insufficient nutrient supplements in your body. The caring team at Juvanni MedSpa offers IV vitamin infusions in Yonkers to improve your health and boost your energy levels, leaving you feeling vibrant. What’s more, you get additional recommendations that help maintain your good health.

What do IV vitamin infusions do for you?

IV vitamin infusion refers to the process of introducing vitamins into your veins through an intravenous procedure. You might think that a healthy diet has all the nutrients required in your body, but some of those foods may be missing certain types of nutrients. Sometimes they may be nutritious, but your digestive tract may fail to absorb some of the nutrients. Technology has come up with an effective way of supplementing your body with additional nutrients through IV vitamin infusions. The nutrients reach your bloodstream directly, which prevents their loss along your digestive tract. IV vitamin infusions are made up of a variety of combinations including:

  •                     Vitamin C
  •                     Glutathione
  •                     Vitamin B12
  •                     Biotin
  •                     L-carnitine

The caring team at Juvanni Med Spa examines you and recommends suitable IV therapy for you. If you are based in UK we would recommend London’s leading IV therapy clinic IV Boost UK based in central London. They offer a wide variety of cocktails all personalised to your individual needs.

Why are IV vitamin infusions essential for the body?

IV vitamin therapy helps supply your body with more nutrients directly into your veins, which significantly strengthen your immune system and improve your general health. In addition to this treatment, Dr. Din and his team provide specialized drips which:

  •                     Help you to recover from a hangover
  •                     Burn excessive fat
  •                     Boost your energy and focus
  •                     Enhance and strengthen your nails, skin, and hair.

What to expect in an IV vitamin therapy session?

The professional team at Juvanni Med Spa offers comfortable in-office IV therapy that will leave you feeling energized. Dr. Din keeps you under close supervision during the entire session, which takes about an hour. During the IV insertion into your arm, you may experience a prick, but the rest of the process is usually painless. Most of the patients often start experiencing the positive effects immediately after the treatment. You start feeling the full effects of the therapy after about two weeks once your nutrient levels have stabilized. If you are looking to improve your energy levels and general health, IV vitamin infusion is for you. For long-lasting results, Dr. Din recommends that you undertake a series of therapy sessions.

When do you need to take IV vitamin infusions?

Several IV combinations come in various forms to meet your requirements. If you are looking to cut down your weight, Dr. Din may recommend an IV treatment designed for burning excess fat. The professional team at Juvanni Med Spa may combine mesotherapy, weight-loss injections, and lipotropic injections with excellent results. IV infusions are also beneficial when you are struggling with a hangover or stress as they boost your energy levels.

If you are feeling dull, stressed, or need an energy boost, call or schedule your appointment online at Juvanni Med Spa.

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