How to Boost Your Energy – 4 Handy Tips

Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

Have you ever gone through periods where you’re constantly exhausted, no matter how much sleep you seem to be getting? If so, then today we’ll be looking at how to boost your energy. There is nothing worse than constantly feeling fatigued and lethargic, especially if you lead a fairly active lifestyle or are trying to workout to get in, or stay in, shape. We all experience the odd day when we feel tired, just as we all go through longer periods of lethargy and fatigue. If however, you find that you just can’t seem to get energized, here’s a look at how to boost your energy with these 4 handy tips.

Consume healthy red meat 

If you always seem to feel lethargic, one of the main reasons for this could be a lack of iron, or a B-vitamin deficiency. A lack of iron could be characterized in the form of anaemia. Red meat is a fantastic source of iron, plus it is loaded with B vitamins. B vitamins are known as ‘energy vitamins’ for a reason. B vitamins support a healthy metabolism and ensure the metabolism works as it should. If you can, try to eat more red meat, ideally grass-fed red meat, which will also contain healthy fats. This brings us to…

Use A Quality Supplements

if you’re looking for a great booster, there is so many in the market, but which one can helps you to boost your energy.

We suggest you to get a quality pre-workout, which can helps you to workout out hard.

Also using or running a Clenbuterol cycle, can boost you to perform better, and boost you mental and physical evergy.

Eat more healthy fats

We now know that, unlike what people thought decades ago, not all fat is bad for us. In fact, some fats are crucial for health and well-being. Healthy fats support optimal brain health and organ function, plus they are vital for the metabolism. You see, the body utilizes healthy fats as a primary source of energy, especially when no carbs are present. Rather than being stored as fat, the body uses the fat consumed as a key source of fuel right away. Healthy fats from foods like: salmon, mackerel, oily fish, whole eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and coconut oil, are incredibly good for us, especially when it comes to how to boost your energy levels.

Drink green teas

When people are really tired and exhausted, they often turn to unhealthy energy drinks, and strong cups of coffee. They do this because they contain large doses of caffeine, which acts as a natural stimulant for the body. The problem with large doses of caffeine in one hit is the fact that you inevitably get the comedown and you start to crash and go through mild withdrawal as your body craves yet more caffeine. This can lead to headaches, shakes, anxiety, erratic heartrates, and more besides. Green tea however, is ideal for boosting energy levels. It contains caffeine, only in much lower doses than coffee, which means that you get a slight and gradual boost of energy, rather than one big hit. It is also packed full of antioxidants and an amino acid known as L-theanine, which promotes mental health and well-being. This means that it helps you to feel mentally energized, as well as physically.

Avoid simple carbs

Simple carbs, also known as refined carbs, are your worst nightmare when it comes to boosting energy levels. You see, simple carbs like fructose, white flour, and sugar, are all absorbed into the bloodstream quickly, which then causes a spike in insulin levels. This allows the body to use them for energy right away. Sure, you get a brief burst of energy, but it quickly wears off and you end up experiencing a sugar crash, which makes you feel even more tired than you were to begin with. Instead, for people looking at how to boost your energy levels, aim to consume complex carbohydrates like wholegrains, which provide slow and sustained releases of energy.

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