How to Become the Best Medical Coding Consultant?


Medical coding is a rapidly growing field, and students are adopting it as a serious career option. To make things simpler, medical coders bridge the gap between providers and the payers. When you pay a visit to the doctor, the doctor prepares notes about diagnosis and treatment. This information goes out to the medical billing services department where the medical coders convert it into a language understood by the payers.

Medical coders must be good at memorizing a lot of medical terms. Because every medical record they go through has to be translated into codes (CPT, HCPCS codes, etc.) and sent to the insurance company for payment reimbursement. These codes are part of a universally accepted coding system regulated by CMS.

You have an outline of the things you will be doing as a medical coder. When you become an integral part of the US healthcare system, it is highly respectful. Therefore, you must ensure you are the best in the business to maintain that integrity.

  1. Medical Billing Services Entry-Level Coder’s Basic Criterion

You must be a high school diploma holder to get into this occupation.  Moreover, while growing up, you need to stay away from crimes even in the slightest sense. A history of sexual offenses or drug-related charges makes you a less likely candidate for the job. Hence, keep it as spotless as you can.

  1. Join Classes for Medical Coding

There are many schools offering diplomas, certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor qualifications in subjects of healthcare. There are no specific educational requirements for medical coders. The mistakes in the bills are compelling medical billing companies to hire their services. It is now a trend to look for qualified individuals, instead of recruiting plain high-scholars.

You must become part of a long-term program to earn an associate or a bachelor’s degree. Once you have achieved that, you will become a priority for most medical billing service companies.

If you can deliver accurate bills, the acceptance percentage of the claims increases. Think of yourself as the backbone of the company.

  1. 4-year Program Covers Medical Coding Courses

A 4-year program means a health-related bachelor’s degree. It gives you an overview of the US healthcare industry. You will see and learn many medical jargons along the way. Subjects on medical coding will cover health laws, CMS rules, medical knowledge, and ICD-10 among other areas. As soon as you are a graduate, you will have a better understanding of the medical coding system than the rest.

  1. Authenticate Yourself with an AHIMA or AAPC Certification

These two bodies represent authority in the medical coding world. If you are a coder certified by any of these organizations, you must feel proud. Certified Coding Associate (CCA) or a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) through AHIMA is a proof of your ability and skill as a coder.

After a few years of working, you can go for specialty certification. It can be in the field you love the most within the medical billing occupation. For instance, you can specialize in internal medicine or ambulatory care. It means you will be a pro in handling specialty-specific medical bills.

  1. Landing the perfect job!

A good paying job is the end-result of all your hard work and years of learning. As mentioned earlier, this is a fast-growing field. Stats suggest many people entering into the field in the upcoming years. Your school or college becomes a hub for several companies to pitch in their workflow and employment criteria. You may apply with them, or you can visit regular job portals and post your resume. AHIMA forum announces new jobs on a frequent basis.

There are three things to consider in a medical coding job: Becoming part of a busy hospital, sitting in a private clinic or working from home. The flexibility of location is an added benefit of becoming a medical coder. Opt whichever option suits you the best.

Final Verdict

You must love your job to become a successful medical coder. Love is the prerequisite for every job in this world, and medical billing is no different. Helping someone in need is saintly. As a medical coder, you are indirectly supporting the patients recover quickly by speeding up providers’ revenue cycle management processes.

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