How to be fit and live a minimalist beauty lifestyle

Being into fitness and into beauty is really tough. And add healthy to the mix and it becomes really tough. Because as a beauty health blogger it can sometimes get overwhelming. The need to lose a few pounds within couple of weeks can sometimes be unhealthy.

And the need to be always flawless and flaunt a flawless skin on a show can sometimes mean putting on harmful smudge free makeup on my skin. So today I will be sharing few tips that I’ve picked up during my life.


Be Minimal Avoid Too Much Makeup:

Yup, I know how much you love your mascara, your eyeliner, your foundation and so on. But being minimal and living healthy has its drawbacks. And cutting down on these harmful chemicals is one of them. I tend to apply some moisturizer cream on my face and head off to start the day as it keeps my face hydrated.

However, at times when you do need to attend some fancy party then some light to mild makeup is alright. Especially if the day is important for you and you need to hide a pimple of yours and look the most beautiful. Just keep in mind don’t overdo it. Just keep it natural and people will start loving you for that.

Stay Hydrated:

There are countless benefits of drinking water. But there is a serious question we need to ask of ourselves do we drink enough water? From skin care to health to fat loss. These are few of the many things that water will help you with. Drinking plenty of water will increase your energy and reduce fatigue or the feeling of lethargy all while increasing your fat loss process. So be sure to drink enough water and carry a water bottle around with you so that it reminds you to do the act.

Do fasted cardio:

Regardless of your current body you can do this. Fasted cardio is an incredible way to start off your day. As your body has been in a fasted state for 10 plus hours as you work out you will burn those fat off. Your fasted cardio regimen does not have to be very fancy. Just grab your shoes for walking and go for a light walk around your neighborhood. Not only will this help you keep your body fat percentage down but will also elevate your mood instantly. There is nothing like waking up early in the morning before anyone else and just starting your day off with a healthy habit.

So, these we some of the tips I have shared with you that I picked up during my life living as a minimalist beauty blogger. Indeed, if I keep writing I can write for a very long time regarding this topic as there are many more things that you could do to live a minimalist healthy and beautiful lifestyle. If you liked this article please feel free to share it with your friends and family. Until next time take care!

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