How to Avoid Frizzy Hair When Blow Drying


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A trip to your favorite hair salon can cost you anywhere from $50 and above, but you walk out looking like a magazine cover, so you try to attempt this look at home to cut cost, but you kinda look a bit different. Mastering the art of blow-drying your hair can be a bit difficult. Frizzy hair is natural, but sometimes you just want to re-create the $50 sleek, flyaway-free hair your stylist magically performed. But how? Several products and dryers go into creating a frizz-free hairstyle, and the key to solving your problem is just one or two products away. So, keep scrolling to discover professional secrets to the smoothest hair you’ve ever felt.

1. Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Let’s start with the basics. You’ve probably heard that sulfate is terrible for your hair. And the rumors are true. Sulfate can irritate your scalp and can potentially damage hair protein when overused. This chemical is usually the active ingredient in most shampoos. It makes the shampoo more effective by removing dirt, oil, and dead skin from your scalp and hair.

That said, sulfate not only strips your hair of protein, but it can also cause an allergic rash known as dermatitis. If you’re constantly experiencing frizzy hair, it may be time to switch over to a new sulfate-free shampoo that does not dehydrate your strands. Sulfate free shampoos are much gentler and leave your hair feeling moisturized and silky.

2. Glycerine

Once you’ve cut out the sulfate, its time to load up on some kick-ass glycerine. What does this remarkable ingredient do? Glycerine absorbs water, which makes it the perfect ingredient for both hair and skin products. Look out for glycerine as one of the first ingredients in your shampoo, because the closer it is to the top, the more concentrated it is in the formula.

Glycerine fights frizz by seeping deep into the hair shaft and keeping it moisturized and hydrated from the inside out. The sweet-tasting transparent liquid acts as a protective coating on the strand, to help reduce damage. Other bonus benefits of glycerine include eliminating itchy hair, dandruff, and split ends.

3. Blow dryer

Not all blow dryers are created equal, so it might be a shocker to you that your blow dryer is the main culprit. Invest in quality ionic blow dryers if you have thick hair. Ionic blow dryers save you time by drying your hair faster. It also leaves you with sleek and shiny hair by producing negative ions that break down water molecules and are less reliant on heat. These dryers are typically better for thick hair because they leave your hair frizz-free.

Expensive dryers have more useful features such as high power, multiple heat settings, cool setting, and ionic air technology. Concentrator and diffuser attachments are a must-have in your hairdryer. These attachments prevent frizz and reduce hair damage. A concentrator nozzle gets into the roots of your hair or brush precisely for a quick, sleek look.

4. The Right Hair Products: Conditioner, Mask, and Dry Oil

If you’re going to fight frizz, then you need to bring a string army of conditioners to the battlefield. Conditioner, like glycerine, keeps your hair cuticle hydrated, allowing moisture to seep deep into every strand of hair.

By doing so, conditioner prevents cuticle from opening up and allowing unnecessary moisture from the environment in, leaving your hair smooth. Conditioners that have glycerine, or shea butter can be a great addition to your shelf.

Apply conditioner from the mid-length all the way down to your ends, but do not let it touch your roots to prevent oiliness.

During winter, a good deep-conditioning treatment once a week will fill any gaps in your hair shaft, these gaps and spaces can cause frizzy hair. Once you’re done, shampooing and conditioning your hair, consider adding a bit of dry oil to your wet hair to keep humidity out and reduce the chances of flyaways.

5. The Right Hair Brush

Brushes seem innocent, but like blow dryers, not all brushes are suitable for your hair type. Round brushes are a stylist favorite because it produces a full, bouncy look. If you’re trying to leave your blow-out for longer, a round boar bristle brush will do the trick. The bigger the barrel of the brush, the smoother and sleeker you -blow-out will turn out.

For a nice smooth and frizz-free hair, brushes with boar bristles provide the perfect level of tension needed to achieve sleekness. Boar bristles work by distributing the natural oil of your scalp evenly all the way to the hair shaft. The flexible bristles of the brush are flexible, which prevent snags or hair breakage.

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