How to Avoid a Having Nasty Trash Bin

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Whosoever has invented trash bins, thanks to that person because trash is definitely unpleasant. Trash is annoying when you see it scattered on the ground or even inside your bag. What would the world be if there are no trash bins? An imaginable pile of trash! An unhealthy world of dirt! A terribly wasted land!

But wait… The garbage problem in the world isn’t perfectly solved yet because although trash bins are made to solve the hitch, not all can function well because not all are used well.

Another problem here is trash bins being very nasty! You definitely hate it when you smell or see a very nauseating trash bin. You hate it even more when the air blows the smell of it towards your direction. Yuck! So what I have here for you i this article to let you know how to avoid having a nasty trash bin, whether it’s inside or outside your place.

1 – Pick-A-Bin!

How you pick a trash bin also determines the chances of it getting nasty aside from how you use it. Make sure that you know yourself — how much trash do you make a day inside the house or your workplace and how responsible are with it or what trash are you going to use it with. Choose the spacious type if that’s what you need. There are trash bins which you have to step on a pedal-like thing to open it. Some have touch top lids and flip top lids. Others have no cover so people can just throw trash even from a far distance. If it applies, also put a good quality (not easily ripped and without holes) plastic bag in the bin. Choose a trash bin based on your need and convenience because the chances of you not throwing properly because you find the trash bin unhelpful are high if you don’t.

2 – Choose Where It Stands

Where your trash bin is placed is also important. If the location is nasty, don’t be surprised if your trash bin also is! If the location attracts or houses many insects, bugs or rats, what do you think will be next? Of course, they’ll come visit your trash bin. Regardless if it’s for indoor or outdoor, it is essential to not place it somewhere you want to keep clean because trash bins may attract insects. Also, if it’s for the kitchen, then place it in the kitchen, and if it’s for the bedroom, put it there.

3 – Don’t Pour Liquid In It

One the things that I personally hate about a trash bin is when it’s wet! Well, it’s unavoidable, but as much as possible don’t pour too much liquid in it. Not all trash bins are of quality. Some aren’t, and when that’s the case, and you pour some liquids in the bin, it’ll spill off the trash bin onto the floor. That’s so unfortunate if it happens inside your house or bedroom. That won’t be gross if it’s just mere liquid like soft drinks or water, but it isn’t! That liquid already collided with other rubbish in that bin. That liquid combined with other trashes also make a very disgusting smell. Ew! I suggest that you throw liquid in the toilet and the sink instead. That’s where they really belong.

4 – Squeeze Trash In

I’m sure not all your trash are huge pieces of trash. Some are small and soft; some are flexible and foldable. It’s definitely stressful to see an overloaded trash bin that isn’t really overloaded but is just used the most not-space-consuming way. You shouldn’t just toss it into the bin; if possible (and hopefully it is), push them all down. Doing that, you’ll discover that there’s a lot of space left for you to put trash in.

5 – Segregate Consistently

If it’s possible (and yes, it is) and if you’re willing to, have more than one trash bin for your trashes. You can use the basic segregation system with the biodegradable and non-biodegradable signs or you can also segregate based on the kinds of trash you have. You can use a separate bin for papers, another for plastic stuff and so on and so forth. Do this consistently and not just when you feel so. Some start segregating for the earlier months of the year then forgets about it halfway.

6 – Make Less Trash

This is a basic tip but one that is usually unnoticed too. It’s connected to the previous tip in a way that you can also assign a separate trash bin for recyclable and reusable materials. In that way, a recyclable trash isn’t going to proceed to the “officially a trash” level if you put it in a separate recyclables trash bin, thus, lessening the trash you create.

7 – Clean It

Finally, the best way to avoid a nasty trash bin is to clean it! It may sound like a joke, but it isn’t. Trash bins are trash bins, but they aren’t trash; so you have to bathe them too like any other thing you find precious. Wash your trash bin with the proper washing materials; carefully and meticulously clean every corner and part of it. It’s something you might not do always or something you overlook most of the time, but it’s actually one of the best ways to avoid having a nasty trash bin.

Truly, there are lots of trash bins everywhere, but people don’t use them properly, and they are not maintained properly too. If they’re trash bins, they must not be trash too, because that’s just making the world a little more hopeless about trash issues. Where are we going to put our trash if the bin itself is trash?


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for ASP Healthcare, a products supplier and distributor to the health and harm reduction industry in Australia. Writing about healthcare may not be a piece of cake, but Nicole finds it interesting because she is able to gain new and relevant knowledge―enabling her to share it to others because everyone deserves to be informed of proper healthcare systems. She believes that healthy individuals form a healthy community, and a healthy community is more attainable if there is discipline and unity. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts . “To God be the glory”

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