How The HCG Diet Can Help You Beat The Weight Gain As You Age

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For most of us, the onset of our prime brings along with it many changes. Among those challenges are getting generally flabby and acquiring unwanted body fat which tends to accumulate over time. This is an inevitable reality as the human physiology being that the human body’s metabolism slows with age.

What Are the Most Popular Weight Gain Periods?

People between the ages of 28 and 35 are especially likely to gain weight as this is a period when the body is undergoing physical changes. That being said, an unhealthy diet consisting of mostly junk food and little or no exercise are some of the major causes of weight gain, as we get older.

Fat tends to accumulate in problematic areas such as the midriff, on the thighs as well as on the arms and chin. Excess fat accumulation in these areas can ruin a person’s appearance and negatively affect their confidence. Aside from these issues, there is a high likelihood to develop degenerative diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular illnesses and even cancer.

How HCG helps you avoid the weight gain

The HCG diet is the ultimate antidote to weight problems. This unique dietary program combines a two-pronged approach. Participants of the HCG diet are administered the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone intravenously or through drops on a daily basis. Dieters are put on a diet over a course of 42 days during which they can only consume a maximum of 500 calories a day during the second phase and 1500 calories during the third phase.

The HCG diet was based on the clinical observation of how the HCG hormone reacts to the body’s metabolism. This hormone is produced in pregnant women and helps to sustain their bodily requirements by converting their accumulated body fat to energy. Using this theory the HCG diet was conceived. By combining a calorie restriction and a dosage of the hormone on a daily basis, obese people are able to lose weight dramatically. However, this weight loss is healthy since the HCG hormone is a naturally occurring organic hormone produced in the body.

In order for the HCG diet to be effective you have to adhere to the program religiously. You can choose between HCG injections or HCG drops which are both effective in reducing your weight. When administered the HCG hormone communicates with the hypothalamus in your brain which in turn sends signals to the other parts of your body where fat is stored. The stored fat then gets converted to energy.

Since you are on a restricted calorie diet your body starts burning up all the excess adipose tissue and this leads to dramatic and sustainable weight loss.

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