How Testosterone Levels Can Impact Weight Loss

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Both men and women are susceptible to the middle-aged spread. This is a tendency for people to gain weight around their stomachs as they age. You do not have to be one of the millions with this problem. It will take work, and you will need to eat right, but you can keep yourself looking good if you take care of yourself.

Hormones and Weight

The problem is that for most people, as they age, hormones have more to do with weight gain than overeating or a lack of movement do. You might have already noticed that even though you go to the gym the same number of days per week as you did in your 20s, you are getting fatter and losing muscle tone. This is not your fault; it’s your hormones!

For men, it is testosterone that is to blame. Women experience a drop in estrogen. Both of these lowered hormones cause many side effects including fat gain. As a man reaches his 30s, his testosterone levels decrease. It is just the way nature operates. So, does this mean that because you are getting older, your lower testosterone levels are going to make you fat and keep you that way?

Not necessarily. While studies show that lower testosterone does result in lost muscle tone and more fat, some things can be done about it. A study that was recounted in a noted online dietician’s blog showed that losing weight can stop the drop in testosterone in men. Losing testosterone causes some weight gain, but simultaneously, if a man works to lose weight, his testosterone levels will balance out.

One study revealed that almost 1000 men who were prediabetic participated in a Diabetes Prevention Program. The US-led research was aimed at proving that anyone who had this condition could halt the formation of the disease by losing weight. What was discovered, however, was that overweight men were suffering from low testosterone. The conclusion was there is a connection between weight gain and Low-T.

Some men have a condition that is called hypogonadism; medications might cause this. Hypogonadism is also going to contribute to weight gain and show many of the same symptoms as low testosterone. This condition needs to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

If you have been gaining weight and you are over the age of 30, and you have been living a healthy lifestyle, you should have your hormones checked. If a doctor can dismiss any conditions or diseases as the cause of low testosterone, it is possible to raise the levels and regain a better physique.

Ways to Raise Testosterone Levels

Testosterone Therapy:

There are options such as testosterone therapy to consider. You could speak with your doctor about getting on a prescription hormone. There are even online men’s health clinics like Male Excel that can help determine the best hormone regimen for your body specifically. However, these can come with long-term side effects that are not entirely clear yet. Additionally, unless you suffer from extremely low or abnormal hormonal levels, you do not need to opt for therapy.

Natural Supplements:

There are supplements available without prescriptions. Many formulations have a variety of natural herbal ingredients. These have been shown to work after about a month of consistent use.

If they contain natural ingredients, they are safe to take and often have no side effects.  Most of the supplements that are worth trying will contain herbs and plant-derived ingredients that have been used for low testosterone in Asia for thousands of years. They have been used for this long because they work.

Check for the ingredients when you shop for a supplement. Most contain vitamins and minerals essential to male health. These include vitamin B6, vitamin D3, magnesium, and zinc. You also want to find a product that has nettle root, Asian red ginseng, Mucuna Pruriens, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus.

All of these vitamins, minerals, and herbs work to boost testosterone levels naturally. If you take any of the prescription medications, you may subject yourself to a rush of testosterone. This can be uncomfortable enough to make you stop the medicine. The natural products gently raise testosterone making it much easier to tolerate and stay on the regimen you need to in order to lose weight.

Work Out:

Keep working out. The more you implement weight training, the greater control you will have over building muscle and reducing fat.

In Summary

Testosterone levels definitely have an impact on weight. Low T will make a man gain weight, especially around the waist. It also has the ability to lower his sex drive and it can cause him to lose hair and become fatigued.

Work with your doctor to make sure you have no underlying cause for your weight gains like diabetes or hypogonadism. If you are healthy, consider taking a natural supplement to raise your testosterone and lower your weight.

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