How Temperature Screening Kiosk Can Help Your Business Deal with the Pandemic

After the COVID-19 happened, the whole world is trying to recover from the havoc that it did to our lives. The governments, the private sectors, and the ruling authorities are all taking precautionary measures and continuously finding ways to keep everything under control.

At the initial stages of the pandemic, countries imposed complete lockdown, restricting daily work and life. When lockdown restrictions are lifted gradually, countries implement stricter precautionary measures. In such times, using a temperature screening kiosk in businesses becomes crucial.

How Does It Work?

This automated thermal imaging technology, laser thermometers, or infrared technology to read the body temperature of a person. It is done through the scanning of the forehead and gives a reading in a matter of seconds.

Since it is using IR technology, the temperature monitoring kiosk requires specific environmental conditions to operate correctly:

  • Far from any heat sources and out of direct sunlight
  • The environment temperature should be 60-100 degrees with less than 85% relative humidity.
  • For optimal results, the person should be 2 feet away from the kiosk.

Staying Safe Includes Adapting Preventive Measures

Corporations worldwide are undertaking numerous activities to ensure a safe and clean work environment for employees and visitors, more so after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Body temperature measurement devices have become a vital thing of following the safety guidelines that the governments and corporations have imposed. The need to screen people on the premises has increased significantly.

The contactless body temperature screening is an efficient way to detect body temperatures of the people in a company. If the thermal scanner system gets a high temperature, it could mean that the workplace has an onset of the virus.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Maintaining the health privacy of workers

Having a temperature screening kiosk at the workplace enables employers to check the temperature of their employees, and prevent a virus outbreak in the office building. Working from office is now being gradually allowed all across the country; hence, the need to screen the body temperature of each employee. Thanks to temperature screening solutions, the privacy of the staff and employees is maintained as businesses read the results from an off-site location.

Software systems are available, alerting employees regarding the potential risk of corona-virus without breaching anyone’s privacy. Some ways to convey the results of the temperature monitoring kiosk are through emails, text messaging, or push notification, which they can receive directly to their mobile phones.

By following this process, this saves people from embarrassment, which is what usually happens when a handheld temperature monitor is used.

  • Convenient for big corporations

The intelligent thermal scanner system is quite beneficial for large companies that operate through various locations. The purchase of handheld temperature checking devices needs money for this kind of investment, and additional time for training people on how to use the devices too.

Also, inaccurate screening is likely to occur as different companies follow different standards. On the other hand, body temperature screening kiosks make the process convenient and accurate.

It is also an effective way to find out the risk locations and take the necessary precautions to avoid an outbreak in the workplace.

  • Abide with physical distancing norms

The recommendations for physical distancing require people to maintain a safe distance of about feet from one another. However, when using a handheld monitoring device to analyze body temperature, it is not possible at all; thus, increasing the risk of spreading the virus.

With contactless body temperature screening, people in the building can easily follow the physical distancing guidelines and ensure efficient temperature checking at the same time.

Also, the body temperature measurement kiosks provide temperature reading instantly, advising those employees with higher temperatures to take the necessary steps.

Optional Features

The intelligent thermal scanner system can go beyond temperature screening. When choosing a body temperature screening kiosk for your company, there are optional features available, including:

  • Network connectivity
  • Mounting options such as wall mount, desk, stand, and so on
  • Email alerts to notify human resources departments and other key personnel in case of elevated temperature readings
  • Facial recognition and storing logs
  • Integration with door systems of the company
  • The ability to connect to a thermal printer for ID cards or badges
  • Integrate with RFID card readers
  • Mask detection or settings to require a person to wear one for entry

The COVID-19 pandemic has made companies plan and execute unique strategies to ensure safety in the workplace as they bring employees back to work. More and more corporations acknowledge the importance and benefits of using body temperature checking kiosks.

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