How Technology can Improve Health Care

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When it comes to technology, there’s no doubt it’s changing everything about the world around us. From the way we interact with each other, consume our news, do our shopping, and even our banking and education; yes, technology has changed the world forever.

More recently, technological advancements have entered the world of health care. Even though we’ve probably seen computers around our GP’s office, when compared to what’s on the horizon this is nothing.

From helping with nursing observations and monitoring to maintaining records, technology is looking to slowly, but surely improve our health care systems. In fact, some hospitals have already seen their employee experience, engagement and care quality improve with the implementation of technological improvements.

Let us take you through a few ways in which technology can improve health care for the better.


When it comes to caring for patients, ensuring any observations while they’re on a ward, are recorded and managed effectively is crucial. It’s these observations that ensure patients receive the best quality of care.

Many places still use written records, but digital records can save time writing, which allows more time with patients. Effectively, digital records can help streamline many processes. They can also be created, updated, and accessed at any point via multiple devices.


One great thing about technology is that it’s not confined to just one place. This means that doctors can receive patient information without them having to come in, helping to reduce the number of patients, and allowing more time to see other people.

This can be done through things like wearable technology, remote monitoring systems for devices such as pacemakers. These will then send data directly to a doctor. It can also help if a person is being brought into hospital, as information from these devices can be sent ahead of time, making a doctor aware of issues before a patient arrives at hospital.


Keeping health records is of vital importance to all medical staff, as it ensures they know everything about our health, and how to treat us. But, with many being on paper, these can be very easy to lose, which has happened to people in the past. Or if something isn’t updated, it could prove critical.

With digital records however, they’ll be stored in hard drives, allowing a doctor to access a person’s information wherever, and whenever, in real time. This also allows real time updates and eliminates the risk of them ever becoming lost.

It seems that in this world of technology, every element is about to head down a digital path, and our health is definitely no exception. If you ever need help with technology, BCA IT in Miami is an IT support solution that can help you.

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