How Stress Impacts Your Body

What diseases and ailments come from stress?

Stress can cause all sorts of medical problems. Here is a great infographic by HeartMath showing effects of stress on our bodies.

Several ailments such as weight gain, decreased sexual drive, chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive disorders, grinding teeth, jaw grinding, panic attacks, general anxiety, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, strokes and other problems can be a direct result of stress.

There are several natural health remedies to help cope with stress. Herbal remedies, homeopathic products and other supplements can help you provide additional support when under stress. 5-HTP and SamE help with mood. Omega 3s with DHA and EPA from high quality natural triglyceride form fish oils have been shown to help cardiac health, and overall brain function as well as depression disorders. We carry a large selection of Nordic Naturals products with high DHA and EPA amounts.

Natural Products for Stress Reduction:

  • Take fish oils with high levels of EPA & DHA (at least 500 mg or higher). EPA and DHA help support healthy brain function. They help both your nervous system and your circulatory system.
  • Take supplements designed to support your adrenal glands. Several herbal blends exist from Nature’s Sunshine, Oregon Wild Harvest and other respected companies.
  • Take magnesium before you go to sleep at night to help nourish your nervous system.

Simple Stress Reduction Techniques:

  • Take several slow, deep, long breaths. Getting additional oxygen into your body helps naturally reduce your stress level.
  • Go for a short walk. Often a 2-5 minute walk can help your entire body release stress and get back into a balanced state of well being.
  • Do something mentally relaxing for yourself. Take a warm bath, or read for a few minutes. Find some mental images that are soothing or relaxing for you. Think of  a great memory or imagine a comforting scene.
  • Learn from children. They are usually happy and let things go sooner than adults do. Observe a happy child and try to copy some of their carefree nature and behavior.
  • Let go of grudges. Thinking about what ‘should’ be or what we ‘deserve’ doesn’t help reduce stress. Focusing on what ‘is’ and accepting reality helps us turn stressful situations into less daunting problems. Focusing on facts helps us find solutions rather than spin ourselves into more stress and anxiety.

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