How Social Media is Changing the Way We Travel

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It is interesting to see how social media has been transformed from just being a platform for sharing gossip, “instagrammimg” your lunch, or tweeting about the latest TV show in town. In recent days, social media platforms are being used to close business deals, market products and services, and even share photos and videos of various destinations. The travel industry has benefited from the recent social media revolution where travelers are able to research about their next trip and observe photos of preferred destinations.

Social sharing has become important for most destinations and that is why they have adopted official hashtags to advertise or promote their services. When you search through various social media sites, you will find hashtags like #Meet SouthAfrica and #ItsBetterInTheBhamas that are meant to market the destinations.

Currently, there are destinations and hotels that have special offers and gifts for guests that post photos or videos of the destination on their social media platforms. The fact that the internet has become more affordable in the recent makes it easy for travelers to share photos and posts on their social medial platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

There are many different ways that travelers can share their travel experience on social networking sites. You only need a click of the button to share your travel pictures and thoughts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition, potential consumers are in a better position to interact directly with hotels, airlines, and other service providers on Twitter and Facebook. Besides, The Small Business Blog has some cool tips to share on how to utilize these social media to get the most out of them.

Therefore, travelers are able to enjoy their trip at every step as they are able to make inquiries through social media. A recent survey has shown that most destinations tend to respond quickly to customer queries on social media as soon as possible when compared to other customer service platforms. There is always someone to respond to customer queries anytime of the day.

Instagram is a visual social media tool that has made things better as one can share real-time photos from various destinations. As you travel around the world, you can always share your epic moments on instagram and in the process update your family and friends about your travel experience.

Also, a destination can maximize its visibility by sharing attractive photos on instagram. Apart from Instagram, these epic moments can also be shared through Snapchat and Facebook. Apart from sharing epic moments in various destinations, you can also use social media to search for other people traveling to a similar destination and exchange information before meeting in person.

Moreover, social media is now being used by travel agents to coordinate trips for their clients. Through private Facebook groups, it is now easier to organize for group trips. Such groups enable travelers to find buddies for excursions and other group activities. In addition, travel veterans sometimes use social media to share their experiences when it comes to the best sights, tastiest stops, and various travel tips.

In conclusion, the travel industry has been revolutionalized by social media despite the fact that the platforms have their fair share shortcomings. A perfect Instagram shot can help market a destination or enable a traveler to share their epic moments with family and friends.

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