How Social Media Has Changed the Fitness Industry

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Since the conception of social media, the fitness industry had witnessed drastic change. One of the reasons for this is the fact that many people can now access fitness courses from anywhere. It is also now easy to build a community that can help you achieve your fitness goals as well as encourage you to strive each day to achieve them fast.

That’s not all. People are now accessing fitness tips online for 24-hours. No traditional gym will offer that,right?

But there are some negative impacts, too. You seesince people believe that having a big number of people following a specific trainer means they are genuine, they pay money withoutconfirming if they are genuine. The consequences? They lose money.

Stick here you learn more.

24-Hour Access via Social Media

You access training 24-hours a day via social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, websites, and virtue personal training. Plus, you can work out any time of the day without worrying about your tight schedules.

You can also communicate with your trainer at the comfort of your home any time. The offline fitness service has been there but not as reliable as the one offered online. Offline training may also not give you extra advice to help you with your fitness journey other than doing the physical exercises.

On social media, you can get every kind of details you need.

 2. Exceptional Fitness Instructions from Experts 

Social media gurus give you access to workout instructions. That way, you’re able to followand watch different videos by different trainers other than your trainer. The most appropriate instructors to follow are those with a big following.

By following these experts, you learn many skills for less money and time.

Experts update online training materials using videos and choreography so that you can access it at any time you are online.You also receive advice on how to exercise the right way to avoid the additional body mass increase.  

3. Reliable Community

 Forming a community is never simple using traditional techniques. But by use of a digital approach, you establish a community online specifically with people you share common goals. This community helps you to form a consistency workout, which, in turn, helps to keep you focused. Each expert has some followers and most of them will contribute once in a while and the community will start commenting. Following up with those comments, at times, is beneficial if the information they are giving is appropriate.

What more?

In case you exercise from your home, you may find it hard to buy all the latest equipment. Social media friends may advise you where to buy the newest equipment at a lower price, hire, or even share with them if they live near you.

 4. Increased Trainees and Sales

 Use of headlines, newspaper advertising, and message-box drops took too long to reach and convince new clients to join the fitness industry. Nevertheless, through social media, information is reaching a wide range of people. On the other hand, when many people hear of the advantages of keeping themselves fit, they are buying online fitness courses so as to do them in their free times.

This training is fast to finish and convenient.

Trainers are using social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to offer free workout tips to their followers.

 5. Cons Flooding The Social Media

 In the tradition body workouts, you deal with your trainer one on one. In online, you deal with a stranger. This has led to many people losing money by trusting strangers too much.

Now that many smart people are buying followers through familiar blogs like QuantumMarketer, it is good to know that not every online trainer is a genuine person.

See, it is now easy to get more than 2000 followers within two days, right? Does that mean that the “expert” is legit? Absolutely not.

So, research whether you are dealing with a genuine trainer or lunatics. You may also end up buying unsafe workouts, wrong nutrition information, and unhealthy energy supplements if you are not careful.


Social media has dramatically changed the fitness industry. People are now enjoying cheaper services all day long. They are also getting professional instructions, real community, increased trainees and sales.

However, set realistic goals and avoid fraud when buying any service online. You can gain the best fitness training from social means if you play it smart.

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