How safe is using HGH?


Human Growth Hormone, also referred to as HGH is available in solid form such as capsules or in liquid in the form of spray. The use of HGH is known to be safe for both men and women. It is effectively used in body building and weight loss plans. The safety in using HGH is high, if the prescribed medicine is taken according to the recommendations of the doctor. In case you may not have consulted doctor for specific prescriptions, it is better to follow the directions provided along with the product.

Treatments and use as supplements

HGH plays a lot of role in the field of medicine. It is used in various treatments ranging from children to adults. It is used in treating growth deficiencies in children, dietary supplement for youngsters and as an anti-aging formula for the older people.

It is also used to increase athletic abilities, develop lean muscles, reduce weight, reduce fat in the body, and to increase height. Men use this HGH injection or capsules significantly more than the women. This is due to the fact that women have a lot of estrogen in the body, and naturally they have higher levels of human growth hormone. Research has it that for women in their 20s, HGH is not required as a sufficient amount is secreted by their body. Mostly, middle aged women look to supplement their weight loss programs with HGH capsules.

Conversely, by nature, the body of men does not secrete HGH hormone in substantial quantity. This has created a profitable market for selling synthesized HGH in the form of injections, capsules or sprays. Men who are actively involved in most sports, body-building and athletics, all are increasing using a diet plan which includes HGH supplements along with their strict training regimen. This increases their chances of building up muscles in a short period of time. HGH enhances performances and improves endurance which makes it attractive to sports people. It also counteracts the aging process and helps people stay young. While all of this looks good for a short duration, the long term effects are not clear. The usage may not be safe for long duration.

Legal or not:

There are very many products out there which are sold as HGH releasers. These do not constitute HGH but instead consists of active ingredients which activate production of HGH in the body. These are not categorized as HGH and are legal. HGH products are available only by prescription. Otherwise, they are illegal.

Side effects

The children who are given HGH to treat growth deficiencies not do face any major side-effects. If taken under doctor prescription, these tend to have fewer side effects. There are some common side effects of using HGH. Diabetic patients should be careful in using HGH and under doctor supervision. Joint ache, edema, nerve and muscle pain, numbing effect on skin, carpal tunnel syndrome, increases cholesterol levels in the body. For the short term, using HGH may be alright, but they may not be safe for long-term use.

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