How Plastic Surgery Works? Explore Its Basics

The history of Plastic Surgery dates back to several hundred years. Though the popularity of this surgical procedure took place over the past 20 years or so, the actual origin is very old – from BC, through the 1400s to till now.

Plastic Surgery is a surgical procedure that involves the reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of any parts of the human body. This medical procedure involves multiple techniques to move or manipulate the body tissue. In simple words, plastic surgery implies sculpting or reshaping of the human body.

Plastic Surgery – Overview

These days, with the evolution of medical technologies and facilities – people have become more familiar with plastic surgery procedures and are ready to take it up. You can opt for plastic surgery Des Moines – where several professional plastic surgeons are available. These plastic surgeons offer a complete range of cosmetic surgery, makeover procedures, reconstructive surgeries, face lifting, skin treatments, flap surgery, and much more.

plastic surgery

Generally, plastic surgeons perform reconstructive plastic surgery which helps people to restore form and function following the serious illness or trauma. They use innovative surgical/medical procedures such as

  • Skin Grafting
  • Microsurgery
  • Tissue Expansion
  • Flap Surgery

These are some of the commonly performed surgical procedures that are carried out due to some medical reasons – following a serious illness, burn, an accident or any other form of trauma.

How Plastic Surgery Works?

By this time, you would have probably heard of plastic surgery, and you might even know someone who has undergone it. But understanding the procedure is what matters.

Plastic surgeries are performed to enhance the health and appearance of the affected person. It includes medical procedures that include restructuring of body tissue or body part using the transfer of the tissue. The ultimate goal of this medical procedure is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the body and boost the confidence of the affected person.

At the end of the surgical procedure, the shape or the size of the affected part is modified. Among the popular forms of plastic surgery are facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, breast, and body surgery. These procedures intend to correct dysfunctional areas of the body.

As with any type of medical procedures, plastic surgery also has its own risks and complications. The degree of risk is based on the nature of the procedure and its after-effects. If you have any concerns during post-surgery or during the recovery phase, you can immediately contact your surgeon or healthcare team.

plastic surgery

Training Programs for Plastic Surgeons

Physicians or plastic surgeons who become board certified in plastic surgery perform these surgical procedures. Before that, the surgeons are expected to complete one of the two routes of training:

  • Integrated Residency Program: This program includes three years of general surgery and three years of plastic surgery.
  • Independent, 5 Year Residency Program: This program includes general surgery followed by 3-year plastic surgery residency program.

Board certified plastic surgeon indicates that the plastic surgeon possesses a certain level of training and experience concerning plastic surgery. Generally, these surgeries are performed only by licensed professionals. It is extremely important to do complete research before you choose your surgeon.

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