How Often Should You Meet with Your Personal Trainer? Your All-Important Guide

Everyone needs to exercise; we all know how essential it is to pay attention to our health and fitness, especially as we age. But the thing about sticking to an exercise routine is that it is easier said than done, and many of us tend to give up at some point due to various reasons. Whether you are a newbie at exercising or are a hard-core exercise veteran, you need all the support you can get – and this support can come from a great personal trainer. Personal trainers can help and motivate you, and not only this, they can come up with the right fitness program according to your goals and needs. But once you already have a personal trainer, the next big question is: how often should you see them? It depends on a range of factors, such as your exercise experience, goals, and more. Here’s your all-important guide.

For a newbie

If you are a newbie, it’s best if you meet with your personal trainer about two to three times a week. You can have a regular schedule that allows you to develop and establish the right form in your exercise routine. Remember that muscle memory is quite powerful, so you won’t want to end up with bad habits that can affect your progress and hinder you from reaching your goals. If you schedule a regular check-in and workout with a trainer, you can avoid coming up with any excuses to skip on your routine as well. Repetition is essential at this stage, but once you have consistently met with your trainer for around two-three months, you can reduce your sessions to about once a week.

For athletes

If you are into sports and are an athlete, your trainer can assist you when it comes to developing a specific program for the strengthening of certain muscles so you can improve your performance. The program developed by your trainer should include various exercises that can work the muscles you don’t use as well as antagonist and agonist muscles such as triceps and biceps. With this training, you may do well with meeting your trainer once a week for the duration of the sports season.

For marathon training

If you are preparing for a 5K or 10K or any marathon, your trainer should be able to help you prep for the race with the use of a special training plan or program, as confirmed by the experienced personal trainers from This is important if you are new to marathons and would like to improve your time and reduce your risk of getting injured. You can have one session per week as the date of the event draws near.

For experienced gym goers

If you are already experienced at the gym but have not noticed any significant results in recent months or weeks, you may also benefit from working with a personal trainer for about a month or two. They can evaluate your existing routine and recommend steps for progression or even design an entirely new program for you. You can meet with the trainer around twice a week for approximately a month to two months, and you can see better results and benefit from better habits as well.

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