How often should you Brush your Teeth?

teeth health

Brushing is the most recommended way to keep teeth healthy, but the question remains when we should do and how we should do it, because just as the excess of everything is bad, there are also side effects of over brushing.

Although to prevent tooth decay it is necessary to clean the teeth and gum before or after each meal, in adult patients in which tooth decay tends to decrease, may be sufficient twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Do not forget that, even if you get good oral hygiene and believe that your gums are healthy, it is necessary to carry out regular check-ups with your dentist or periodontist to verify the health situation and take action in case it breaks down.

It is already known that brushing is the most fundamental part of oral hygiene. Thanks to this we can remove the remains of food that are lodged in the teeth and gums and that are the breeding ground for the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gingivitis. In addition, we must accompany it with dental floss or floss and mouthwash.

However, many leave brushing aside or do it but with a bad technique or a bad toothbrush. Normally we have heard that we should brush after every meal, but according to the nutritionists we should make five or six small meals throughout the day, and subjecting the teeth to six daily brushes against the enamel and the health of the gums.

To make you look good, teeth plays some important role, like we use some of the beauty an anti-aging cream products. In the same way for our teeth we should take some precautions which make us look completely a perfect looking person.

From very young we were taught that we should brush after each meal, but the last recommendations of the nutritionists is that we should consume five or six small meals a day, which would result in the same amount of brushing; something that would be very aggressive with tooth enamel and gums. In addition, it is not advisable to brush immediately after consuming sweets or acids.

How many times should I brush?

teeth health

According to specialists there are two brushes that are particularly important. These are: after breakfast and after dinner (before sleep) but why?

Well, in the first case (after breakfast) it is important because if we do not take a dental cleaning kit with us, we do not know when we will brush again, so at least we have cleaned our mouths to face the day and we hope to do so. And with regard to night brushing, it is important before sleep to remove all the remains of food since during sleep the salivation dramatically decreases and lends itself to the bacteria that cause cavities to make theirs.

However if it can be three times a day, it will be better. The idea is not to last many hours without brushing. It also helps to drink water continuously so that food is not lodged in our mouth.

Spend at least 2 full minutes in brushing- this can be done by a deviation of the mouth in four sections and spend at least 30 seconds in each of it. Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle to the gums and then make an upward movement. Follow the smallest movements only down. Do not start from the same sections every day, do it alternately. Brushing more than three times a day, overdo it, and it will damage the outer layer of the teeth, therefore it should be avoided.

For Babies:

  • Always brush your baby’s tooth carefully and avoid hard toothpaste.
  • Only after the baby is 3 years old, you have to start using the pea amount of toothpaste, before the size of rice is enough.
  • Do not let your child swallow the paste, try using natural toothpaste.

It is also important that if you perceive the symptoms of tooth decay, go as soon as possible to the dentist to avoid irreparable consequences such as the loss of a tooth. Request a consultation with specialists and he will gladly assist you.

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