How Much Exercise is Enough to Remain Healthy Over Time ?

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You are interested in a healthier lifestyle and you are already planning an exercise routine that will help you stay fit. Do you know how much exercise is needed to make one healthy?

Many people have wrong ideas concerning the amount of exercise that is needed. A regimen is needed to help the body get used to the physical exercise and to maintain the good condition of the cardiovascular system.

According to the Washington Institute of Medicine, a person needs about 60 minutes of intense physical activity per day. This is the optimal exercise time that will guarantee an individual all the health benefits.

It is important to understand that these 60 minutes signify an hour of continuous physical activity. Accumulating all of your exercise during the day like climbing stairs or walking is not the same as a continuous workout session. For instance, walking four or five miles is the kind of exercise that you should be looking forward to, if you want to stay healthy.

The scientists from Institute of Medicine that worked on the report used different studies in order to come up with the time period. Their work is exceptionally comprehensive, taking in consideration the daily calorie intake and the physical activity that is needed to maintain healthy weight.

Favorable weight and a good body composition are both needed for the health of different bodily systems, especially the cardiovascular system. The good body composition is considered as the right proportion of muscle tissue to fat.

All these analyses and preliminary calculations make the report adequate. It may be difficult to believe but simple calculations will convince you that one hour of exercise per day is just what you need to maintain good weight and to stay healthy.

These recommendations may be entirely scientific but most people will find it exceptionally difficult to follow this kind of routine on a daily basis. Work and household duties deprive most of us from the chance to engage in an active form of exercise for an entire hour each day.

Naturally, exercising is good for you. Doing it whenever you can is still better than leading an entirely sedentary lifestyle. Expert recommendations are focusing on the optimal daily routine. This schedule, however, is unrealistic and difficult to achieve.

People who are active at least several times per week will still reduce the chance of suffering from a cardiovascular disease.

Moderate exercise on a daily basis will decrease the risk of heart disease by as much as 50 percent. Thus, 20 minutes per day could be just what you need to feel healthier. You will not be getting the maximum benefit out of your exercise session, but you will be doing something highly beneficial for your body.

A walk with your children, a jog in the park or a quick bike ride are all great physical activities for the people who lack the time needed for an hour-long exercise session on a daily basis. You will still be able to lose weight and stay fit. Ultimately, this is the final result that everyone is looking for.

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