How Much CBD One Should Take – Dosage of CBD

CBD is not a new term these days. Some people confuse it with marijuana or weed but it is a different substance and it does the different functions than weed. Both are extracted from the same hemp plant family. Marijuana is high in THC chemical that is responsible for getting high phenomena. You might have heard that cannabis is very significant in curing several medical conditions such as pain, cancer, chronic, etc. But here, medical professionals are not suggesting smoking marijuana.

Cannabis has other substance named CBD which carries all the medicinal usage properties. But the commercialization of marijuana in several regions has increased the use of chemicals in the cultivation of cannabis to increase the level of THC in the plant while decreasing CBD. So, to use CBD, its oil is being made and sold in the market. The high quality CBD is very beneficial for the body.

CBD oil can be bought from online and several dispensaries but the one should know the right amount dosage to fulfill their requirements. So we would recommend you to ask your physician or medical profession to know the proper CBD dosage you need. So in this post, we would like to tell you how much CBD you should take for different kind of purposes.

cbd dosage

To get the maximum output of CBD, it’s very important to determine the right amount suitable for you. Each of our bodies is unique. Our endocannabinoid systems respond to CBD differently. Things like height, weight, and health could impact the way your body responds to CBD. Each person may need different amounts to feel the effects. It’s important to consider why you’re taking CBD? For medical reasons such as anxiety or epilepsy higher dosages tend to work faster in the body.

Consistent low dose CBD is suitable and ideal for daily wellness support. CBD Oil is sold by the milligram. A CBD product should declare how many milligrams of CBD are in the entire package. Generally, CBD comes in five different strengths and dosage. At the bottom end, 3-5mg per serving and 6-10 mg per serving support calm and relaxation and are best for daily use or general wellness. 10-24 mg per serving and 25-50 mg per serving are right in the middle and support a healthy immune and stress response and the later is concentrated at the high end of the spectrum and is used for extra strength relief for a healthy immune and stress response.

If you are using CBD for the first time, start with a 100 or 250 mg and work your way up to the desired strength. You can also try CBD drops, soft gel, CBD oil 15%, vape oil, gummies, or balms. Start with a low dosage for a few days and take note of how you feel. It’s often a slight yet profound calm. If you don’t feel the desired effects gradually increase your milligram levels until the desired effect is realized then if think you need more dose then can lead up to a dosage of CBD Oil 1500 mg. Consistent and daily use of CBD works most effectively. Most importantly listen to your body we would suggest starting with a low amount of dosage until your body adapts the changes and it feels comfortable.

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