How Martial Arts Can Help You With Weight Loss?

How Martial Arts Can Help You With Weight Loss

For people who are overweight, finding the right workout routine is one of the many obstacles preventing them from losing weight.

Usually, weight loss is associated with boring exercises at the gym or monotone cardio.

However, losing weight can be really fun experience if you choose the right sport.

One of the best interesting and fun ways to lose weight is martial arts. For many years, martial arts are known mainly for self-defense. However, they have a lot of health benefits and are incredibly suitable for any weight loss program.

The reason for that?

In any combat sports training, you use your whole body and almost every muscle on your body, unlike going to the gym and doing exercises for separate muscle groups.

Therefore, you are burning a lot more energy which with a right diet secures seeing good results.

So bring your fighting equipment to the gym and just start training.

Why are martial arts good for losing weight?

Martial arts training is in a lot of ways similar to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is proven to be a perfect way to make your body fitter.

A lot of people feel intimidated or self-conscious when joining a combat sports gym. Especially, if they have never trained martial arts in any form.

However, these fears are unreasonable. There is nothing to be afraid of and you will feel a lot better after you join a gym.

Just after a couple of workouts, you will feel a lot more toned, fitter, and most people experience a significant boost in confidence.

You don’t need to be in shape

Many people think that if you want to start training some sport, then you must be already in shape. Well, this is a massive disbelief and is completely wrong.

In fact, you can start practicing any kind of sport right now and you will see that with persistence you will quickly be in a way better shape.

The best thing about martial arts is that they include the pros of the cardio exercises which is burning calories, speeding your metabolism and helping you lose weight. The difference is that they are a lot more entertaining to do than just simply running on the treadmill.

After all, every training is different and can include a lot of various components such as training on the heavy bag, hitting focus mitts, shadow boxing, kicking pads, or sparring.

What martial art to choose?

The best tip we can give you is this: choose what you like. The reason behind this is because if you like what you are doing you will most probably stick to it. Therefore, you will achieve the desired results a lot easier compared to doing what you hate.

However, there are some combat sports that are more demanding than others and therefore, more suitable for weight loss.

One of these sports is boxing – it involves a great chunk of cardio exercises such as jumping rope, running, and shadow boxing.

Other options which are great for getting fitter are Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Karate. They all demand a good bit of energy in every training session so you can be sure that you will burn the extra fat.

However, if you don’t want to punch or get punched there are always great grappling options. Such as BJJ(Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Judo, or Wrestling. These sports are also great for building muscle.

If you still have some doubts make sure to check out FightBest – a fighting portal full of great information about various combat sports.


Practicing combat sports is a great way not only to lose weight but also to get fitter and tougher not only physically but mentally as well.

Forget about counting boring hours on the threadmill and give martial arts a try and you will not regret it!

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