How Languages We Learn Can Affect The Way We Think

The main reason people learn new languages is so they can broaden their communication scope. What many don’t know is that learning other languages also impacts how we think. Language is quite a powerful tool, and you can only know it’s power after learning it.

By learning a new language, you open your mind to a whole new world. I can assure you that the brain of a person who speaks ten languages is in no way the same as that of an individual who can only understand three.

Your brain goes through ground-breaking change, and because of this, you quite new life skills.

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You think in Language

This might come off as surprising to people who speak only one language. Well, it is true that the way you think in French is not the same way you’ll think in English. After all, you can only speak of what your mind has formed. If you’re planning to speak in English, you’ll first have thought in English.

Even if the thought comes to you in French, but you’re talking with people who don’t understand French, your brain has to translate this thought first before you can speak it.

This is why you speak slower when you’re not familiar with a certain language. The brain takes longer to translate your thoughts because it’s not familiar with it yet.

Now imagine having the capacity to think in several different languages. Your thinking speed is not only boosted, but you’ll also sound more insightful than another person who speaks fewer languages.

Language opens you up to new cultures

You must be wondering how culture relates to how a person thinks. Well, there is a huge impact culture has on how people think. Ever heard of culture shock? People go to new places, and they cannot believe that people can lead to such a different lifestyle.

Well, this has a very direct connection to language because it’s the glue that keeps a given community connected. The way a given community communicates with each other determines their cultural practices.

This is even evident in different variations of the English language. The Brits and the Americans can understand each other quite well, but their cultural practices are quite different. The small variations in the English language cause these two groups to turn out different.

Learning new cultures makes you insightful. You get to see the world in very many different perspectives, and this means that your arguments will have more substance. You get to argue your point and back them up from different perspectives.


Well, language is not for better communication alone. It also determines who you turn out to be later in life. Use every opportunity you get to learn a new language and expand your thinking capacity.

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