How Is Jiu-Jitsu Effective and Where It Stands with Other Marital Arts

jiu jitsu

On the mats and in the streets, on each step, it is beneficial in different aspects of life. Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ (which is a form of Jiu-Jitsu) is beneficial for all and there is no gender or age limit. This is the martial art form that focuses on teaching you how to defeat, defend yourself, and get control over a stronger and larger opponent. This is especially beneficial for smaller ones among us. Here we will discuss the benefits and how it can benefit you. BJJ was formed to let the smaller individuals some leverage and this is one of the main benefits of this martial art form.

Unlike other martial arts, BJJ is not a striking or power show it is a grappling art and focuses on control, leverage, position, and submissions that come in really handy in real-life situations. But like other martial arts, it offers benefits like stress relieve, exertion, self-defense, confidence, discipline, BJJ GI like other art forms and much more. If you want to practice some martial art that doesn’t require GI go for MMA.

How it helps

BJJ is a strong but non-striking and sort of a peaceful alternative to what other martial arts are offering. In this, you only have to get control over the opponent and it is all done. However, this is not just it, its applications go far beyond your thinking. For instance, if you are practicing MMA, BJJ training can play an important and effective role in making you a better MMA artist. Because it combines different techniques from other martial arts. These days BJJ is getting popularity because of its popularity in UFC.

It should be clear by now to you that, BJJ was created by individuals that were neither strong nor big. Thus, defining ways to give a smaller weaker individual the needed skills to fight a stronger challenger. After studying it for a long time we can say that BJJ is to stay for a long time, firstly because it is not power-based, second because of the upper hand that it gives over large and strong opponents, and third because it is evolving.

It is a technique that can be an added advantage to any martial art. But this does not mean it is just physical or mental art. Sharp reflexes, predicting and reacting to the opponent moves and as it happening you are drawing them into the game. This requires a sharp focus and strong mental perception.

What it offers that others do not?

Do you also think of self-defense as striking, hitting better than the other person and effectively blocking their moves? BJJ takes a different approach and offers an effective peaceful solution, i.e. grappling, choking, and control. It feels like peaceful is not the right term however you won’t be striking or kicking. Peaceful martial art does not mean it is not dangerous. It requires you to wear protective BJJ gear, evaluate it by this.

What I like most about this you control the game and wait for the right time to get in. Yes, I am talking about the distance control, tire the opponent until they let the guard down and that is your time to barge in. When things get cool you can also go with the grappling techniques.

And finally, you get control of things and situations. Isn’t it great how calmly and slowly you get the control over to yourself and the other person doesn’t have any idea how it changed? So basically, the technique and how you apply it is different from other martial arts that also gives sort of an upper hand.

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