How Invisalign Can Improve Your Smile


Very few people achieve straight white teeth without a little bit of help. In fact, the majority of people who opt to fix their smile do so during adolescence or early adulthood. If you’re one of the many who chooses to get braces as an adult, you may want something that’s a little less visible than the standard silver braces from your youth. That’s where Invisalign comes in. These “invisible” braces can straighten your teeth and are virtually unnoticeable. Here’s how Invisalign can help improve your smile:

Correcting Various Dental Issues

One of the great things about Invisalign is that they are customisable so you can use them to treat a wide range of dental issues. Because your trays are created specifically for your mouth and the problems you are trying to correct, you can use them to treat an overbite, gaps between your teeth, an underbite, crossbites, teeth that are crowded, and an underbite. By putting the force in the precise locations to correct these issues, you see great results in a shorter time frame than with traditional braces.

Targeted Treatment

As mentioned above, Invisalign are developed to address the specific points where your teeth need to be moved or shifted. That means you won’t have to waste time with other parts of the treatment – you can get to work with what needs to be done and start working on targeted progress right away. This is great for anyone who simply wants to get through treatment and doesn’t need a lot of additional work done to their smile.

Maintain Healthy Teeth

The way that Invisalign works means you can keep your smile clean and bright throughout treatment. Because the trays come out of your mouth easily, you are able to brush, floss and whiten as you normally do so you won’t have to worry that your teeth won’t look as clean when the braces are removed. You can also take the Invisalign out when you eat, helping prevent staining and bending of the devices. Your regular check-ups also make it easy to maintain a healthy smile while you have braces.

Faster, More Comfortable and Very Discreet

One of the reasons why people are so excited to choose Invisalign is because they are much more comfortable than traditional metal braces. You won’t have to worry about cuts or sores on your lips or gums and you won’t have to get the braces tightened all the time, which causes significant pain. At the same time, Invisalign produces much faster results than the old metal braces so you can complete treatment more quickly than you otherwise would. Finally, Invisalign are more discreet than silver metal braces so you can wear them as an adult without worrying that they interfere with your style or looks.

Your dentist can help you determine if Invisalign are the right choice for your teeth and you can choose a course of treatment that helps you get the smile you want without a lot of worry or time.

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